Monday, June 17, 2013

hop on over!

to my new blog....i caved and am fed up with blogspot; not sure what the problem is but not being ultra techno-savvy, cannot seem to resolve the posting photos problem.  have started a new blog here....will see how this works out; you can find me'll take me a while to move over all the links, so please be patient!

dwindling browns

blogger is behaving quite badly but i will try and get today's post....posted.  with work on JTT ongoing, my stash of browns is definitely dwindling.  this is a regular shoebox and it used to be overflowing with brown reproduction fabrics but no more.  what there is left fits nicely and the cover will even close....great!  i pulled them out to show a bit of the variety but the cover could be closed if need be.  **** only 2 short sides left to bind on the maine quilts project, so it'll get finished this week no problem.  and the little basket quilt is nearly all quilted.  tackling the little quilts in hopes of getting them all finished this summer.  *** hit the beach for a bit yesterday but clouds and cold ocean breeze finally forced us back to the apartment.  had thought about taking fleece pants/sweatshirt but didn't.  could have stayed if i had as i love the ocean even in less-then-perfect weather.  *** and don't feel too badly for me over the decreasing brown stash; one of my fave repro shops is having a sale and can always replenish, a tough job but think i can bear up under the task...LOL!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

almost done?

i wish....there are about 20 more blocks to make yet for this flimsy to be done.  it's like a giant sampler quilt, with nearly every block different AND every nearly every block a different size.  yep, a real challenge, and have to say one that is quite ENJOYable too, but in my very small space it's taking over the room.  *** up early this AM to enjoy the sun and summer air before work.  popped some lemon poppy breakfast buns in the oven very first thing!  **** the maine quilts project is just about done, doing the binding now so it'll be a finish in the next day or two.  have already started quilting another little quilt, the baskets, for another june finish maybe.  ***  i spy some beach weather in the future.....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

progressing nicely

the just takes 2 project, i mean.  here are 3 more blocks, not yet trimmed to size, but put together regardless.  i think i have only 1 more applique block to do, the rest are paper pieced and a few just rotary cut.  anxious to get this flimsy done for lots of reasons, not the least of which is to take stock of my brown repro fabrics.  i might have to replenish this part of my stash--remains to be seen.  *** woo hoo, it's my saturday and i haven't much else on my to do list except sew and a few household things.  *** hoping this weekend brings the maine quilts project to completion, not much left to quilt and then to bind.  and vic and i are sewing along on some tumbler quilts.  already have 3 rows together with 8 more to go.  mine will fit a 60" square batt i have on hand and will be sufficient for me...short, you know, or should i say vertically challenged?  *** retreat a short 4 months away, which means that summer will be pretty much gone by then.  but not wishing away the days at all, today is an early summer day to enjoy!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

inching along

after many months of leadering/endering, this postage stamp project is starting to take shape.  these are 16" blocks of inch square finished pieces cut from leftovers, so it is also a memory quilt of sorts.  won't be hand quilting this one for sure, but the colors are sooo gorgeous and will brighten up any space on even the darkest day.  ***  working on just takes 2 (years) blocks this week and have 3 more nearly done.  would like to get this flimsy done even though haven't decided on how to finish or where it will go once it is done.  **** maine quilt show project a bit closer to being done and the little basket quilt is up next.  it seems no matter the weather, plenty of interesting quilting and sewing to be done, an ENJOYable way to spend any day!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

sunday frolic finish

it's a small finish - 26" square - but a finish nonetheless.  it's called "frolic," a pattern by sandy gervais.  decided to use my small cache of watermelon print fabrics to make a summery wallhanging for the work cube.  now to finish quilting the maine quilts piece.  **** machine fun has been on squares for just takes 2 (years), which will keep me busy all week no doubt.  ****  and thinking of starting a new project using stash of dargate indigos, since i have all those blue/cream shirtings as well.  just at the thinking stage; as of yet no fabric has been harmed....LOL  *** perfect june day, ahhhh; would that we had them every single day, for a whole month anyway!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

birthday girl!

hard to believe she is all grown up now, but this was her first formal portrait at 3 months old.  truly a gift from God, my most fun and important job ever.  happy birthday dear daughter! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

seeing stars

perhaps the october retreaters might recognize the batiks in these stars; we had a swap and my gift was a package of blue/turquoise/yellow batik charms and this is what i did with them.  these are 2 strips of 14 stars each for.....pillowcases!  my sheets are blue and yellow solids so these will go quite nicely, i think.  **** now that they are done, the old viking needs a bit of cleaning and then it's on to the next machine project, which is just takes 2.  this flimsy really has to get finished.  **** my little swap quilt is done and mailed, so now the maine quilts project is getting quilted.  this along with the other 2 little quilts that got basted the other day will keep me busy for a week or so.  by then hope i can finish the center diamond and then maybe pineapple blossom?  we'll see....  *** sun is shining but quite cool here today, lucky to see 60; rain is on the way for most of the weekend.  even with less than perfect weather, hope to enjoy the days....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

addendum to earlier post...

the pattern is called "new england sampler"

perfectly portable!

hard to say exactly how long this project has been waiting for some attention.  at this point it is probably my oldest UFO, or one of them anyway.  it is a row quilt project and the maple leaf row is done...easy patchwork.  all that's left are the 4 applique rows and decided to tackle it in earnest.  so row 1 is now ready to applique down.  a good warm weather portable project, i think. it's a brandywine design pattern.  *** today is the june day the poet described along ago...perfect!  ***  got 3 little quilts basted yesterday, so that means could have
3 more finishes very soon, good news indeed!  and it's a good dry day so hoping to mark more on the amish border and get that done in june as well.  plus there are more scraps to be cut up into usable they do multiply!  *** bon voyage to bonnie who is off to Ireland today!  ****  breakfast and the day are calling...enjoy!

Monday, June 3, 2013

thank you jiminy cricket

i've known it for a long time and that quilting guru, bonnie hunter, showed me how to put it into practice...that of using up every scrap.  jiminy said to let your conscience be your guide and in all good conscience, i couldn't just toss the leftover triangles from the pie birds runner.  so, like every loyal scrap saver, deconstructed them and ended up with a small stack of 1.5" pieces for future use.  and remember those little flying geese from baby emma?  yep, those are getting saved as well and sewn together for something or other.  it really pumped up my frugal gene to see these in the trash NOT!  ****  sunday sewing consisted of some quilting, some machine sewing and prepping another portable project.  yes, i was sorely tempted to start a NEW project but instead opted for a long-ago started project.  *** oh, and that green background?  it's the top of the laptop, which belonged to my late ex.  he loved everything green and almost everything he bought or wore was green.  *** it's another day to enjoy and first up is vacuuming; yes, i will ENJOY vacuuming because then i can sew! 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

almost a runner

this is the flimsy for the "pie birds" runner by kim diehl.  note, i did remove the chrome yellow piece and it is much better in my opinion.  it looks a bit wonky in the photo but has been measured and is fine.  the design wall is a bit fluid!   it gets bound in black it!  didn't get to kim's workshop when she came to maine, but have one of her books and some other patterns from online...and the fabrics, oh my!  **** got thru our bit of hot weather, it changes again today of course.  some serious tidying up in the sewing space for later.  little swap quilt ready to go.  now to tackle the maine quilts piece.  those are official UFOs so progress is coming along on the list.  haven't worked any more on the new red/cheddar project, but it's a no rush thing.  **** sun is up and ready to go, as am i....enjoy the day!

Friday, May 31, 2013

not quite good enough...

to send out for a swap.  this little quilt is 24" square and made with my delish civil war repro fabrics.  it is hand pieced and hand quilted.  but, wasn't happy with the way the squares join together, i.e. the junctions, so it will stay with me and another will be sent in its place.  i followed the sewing lines but just wasn't satisfied.  i am no expert by any means, and no perfectionist either, but was afraid the recipient might be disappointed.  as mentioned many times before, i sew for fun and what might be acceptable to me might not be for somebody else.  *** that being said, the one that is being sent is getting its binding sewn down today.  i have a week to get this package out and have some other goodies being included.  a photo will be posted once it's been received and opened.  *** another summery day here and have lots planned for my 2nd weekend day, basting the maine quilts piece and another little summery wallhanging among other things.  plus have to find another portable project to take along and finish.  and with the churn dash blocks all done, the flimsy can now be assembled.  see?  plenty of ways to spend and ENJOY the day!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

summer day sewing

 ok, trying this again.  scooted over to internet explorer and saw that many pictures got posted, not sure why.  it's blogger up to its old tricks, i guess.  so in the top photo is the magazine page showing the quilt in the background.  have no idea how big the original blocks were, probably smaller than my 4" finished ones will be; even so, i like the pattern and the fabrics, so we will see how it progresses. 
it is a summer day here in coastal maine and we did make the short trip to the ocean for a bit with many more to come, i hope.  the first day of my weekend is nearly over with the promise of another good day tomorrow.  i do believe summer is really here now!  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

blocks are done!

20 little churn dash blocks, all in a row....and all done too!  these will be set on point alternating with solid green squares--for quilting obviously--into another gift quilt.  these are all hand pieced and will be hand quilted too.  **** our brief sojourn into sunny days has ended with rain all day today again.  no matter, beach weather is coming for the rest of the week!  so finally a reason to enjoy living in maine.  *** sewing plans for today, of course, and guess what?  it's my friday again, yippee!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sittin' thrifty

for some time been looking around for a new sewing/computer chair.  the one i have came from the thrift a while ago, has no wheels and is "on its last legs" (no pun intended!).  checked with several retailers, craigslist, freecyle...all the usual places.  then when at the thrift last week, saw this for the exorbitant price of.....$2.99...that's right just under $3!  it's a tad large for my tiny space but it's in good condition and quite sturdy for long-term use.  i've cleaned the upholstery but still appear to be a few minor stains.  i could recover it and may, but it's nearly perfect for my needs.  with carpet, it doesn't glide across the floor as easily as i'd like, but for the price and condition, can't balk.  **** looks like warmer temps finally headed our way.  that means my ears won't be cold anymore....LOL!  *** and sewing?  been quilting on a little swap quilt and doing some machine stuff that isn't ready for showing off yet, but soon. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

a rose is a rose is a rose...

after divorcing my first husband of 11 years, i was married to this piece of property for 10 years.  it was a typical dysfunctional marriage, me the giver and it the taker.  it took nearly every spare moment of my time, my funds, my energy and my youth.  the only people i associated with were tradesmen--hardware store clerks, oil burner techs, snowplow drivers, appliance repairmen, city tax clerks, electric meter readers and, of course, the bank loan officer.  but in may and june, when i was faced with the prospect of endless lawn duties, i would come home from one job or another and see this vibrant color and swoon with delight.  aaahhh, my little house on the drag strip, as i called it, being located on a busy city corner.  it was an oasis at times and a burden others.  i don't miss it, rather the personal freedom of owning a place of my own.  my dream life of a professional single gal living in a city condo never materialized, but if that's the worse thing that happens in my life, it will be of no consequence.  so glad i still have this photo of my "second marriage" and the beauty it still evokes of bittersweet days. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

notice anything?

was sorting out my shirtings drawer and realized it should be renamed the BLUE shirtings drawer.  over half of the pieces i have are various shades of blue on cream or blue on beige.  trouble is, when looking for a shirting for a project, almost always not looking for a blue one!  that's right, they are just languishing!  i just finished the scrappy indigo and am so not in the mood to make another blue/white (or similar) quilt top.  and not blue/brown either as i'm mired in "just takes 2" brown and cream, soooo will have to use them in a civil war scrappy somehow.  not that it can't be done, mind you, but it's the act of actually doing one.  *** weather is perfectly dreadful today and has been all week for that matter.  pity the poor souls who lugged those RVs all the way up the pike to God knows where for a holiday weekend of fun and relaxation.  it'll be cards and TV inside the RV all weekend i'd say.  my guess if it actually stops raining and the sun actually comes out on sunday, there'll be plenty of slots available wherever.  not a good start to the "way life should be" tourist season at all.  **** disclaimer:  the jo morton shirtings are in a separate tote, so there are a few more....

Friday, May 24, 2013

a thriftin' day

today found myself at a thrift looking for nothing in particular but saw plenty of interesting stuff.  sale was on pink and white tags and found this XL shirt in very good condition half price.  unlike some who get seriously cheap deals--like $1 per shirt or bag--none of those are common around here.  but for a pittance of $3 (in NH, no tax), this was a good deal.  must be at least a yard, the condition and colors are very good and not the usual blue/white stripe.  there was another i really liked--alas, not on sale--so it got left behind, but it was a salmon orange color with a stripe.   i can get plaids at marden's at a good price, so don't bother much with shirts and the deconstructing process.  if, however, they could be had for a mere $1, i might buy more as that is less than marden's per yard price.  *** it's a rainy, dreary weekend here so far, foggy in places, in the 60s with not much improvement predicted.  not a big deal for us as we don't have much planned.  *** tonight is quilt cam and i am going to work on finishing up the tablerunner squares.  some basting is also on the agenda. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

just takes....another

first, thanks for all the lovely comments on my hand quilting and other projects.  i don't reply to each out of time constraints, but they are sooo appreciated!  ****  though not trimmed to size yet, it's another block for "just takes 2" project.  thinking i should put this project on my summer list as well.  the shoebox of browns has been sitting on my ironing station for way too long and would be fantastic to empty another for more (gulp) fabric storage.  **** it's yet another cloudy/dreary weather day here in coastal maine but we do believe summer will come yet.  in fact, yesterday got my shortie summer haircut so now it has to arrive, doesn't it?  ****  my weekend starts now and i've a bit of a to-do list that needs polishing off, but sewing is definitely on it.  would like to work more on the border for my amish center diamond, but all this humid weather would cause my disappearing pen marks to....well, disappear, so it's on hold for a much less humid day.  and now to the list! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a quilter's must have

that would be a design wall.  these fabrics are gorgeous, it's true, and i love the chrome yellow but it doesn't work in THAT place in THIS square, so tomorrow it'll get replaced.  i am trying to stick to mostly dark fabrics for this piece with a few lights thrown in here and there.  this will be "pie birds tablerunner," a kim diehl pattern.  there are 7 squares total, and the other 5 are almost done.  it's this week's piecing project and will empty a shoebox, which is the goal.  once all the squares are done and up on the wall, i may have to replace a few more, we'll see.  my design wall is quite rudimentary, a piece of flannel hung on a door, but it works.  i would love to have wall space for one, but there just isn't.  **** gray, cloudy, misty and dreary day outside but a sewing day inside is a good day, don't you agree?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

baby emma progress

isn't she cute?  i think so too, and yes, it is a smidgen wonky but considering all those teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy, eeny, weeny flying geese, not too bad.  smallest i ever made i can tell you, measuring 1.5 x 2.5 inches. i did take this on with more than a bit of trepidation.  and see what i mean about the shirting used?  isn't enough contrast for me but it's what i had enough of to use for this project.  all done except for 3 little circles to be appliqued in the center, so it's a do-able finish for this year i think, OR could make up some hourglass squares, maybe 6 or 8 inches each, and morph it into a quilt top, maybe just sofa size?  *** next up for machine project is to finish piecing a kim diehl tablerunner, which will clear another shoebox as i desperately need the storage space. *** inchie leaders/enders are continuing and i have some strips to put together into another block or so.  before long i will have to sit down and figure out exactly how many squares i will need for the top.  it'll be a tied quilt due to a gazillion seams, but it's one i will keep as it's a veritable scrapbook of fabrics.  and no doubt a few spool blocks will be assembled as well.  aaahhh, so many fun projects ahead!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

it's subee's fault!

when she sent back my swap strips, she included this little red spool block.  i was smitten!  even though i had other plans for my strips, i caved and made some little spool blocks for myself.  they are sooo adorable!  i am thinking these will make an ideal border for a scrappy quilt i have planned (for the other strips), don't you?  i really love scrap quilts.  *** well, my weekend is drawing to a close and did accomplish quite a bit.  in addition to these little blocks, got in some serious quilting time on the center diamond border.  also picked up the baby emma applique piece in hopes of finishing the piecing on the wallhanging.  pulled out my jo morton orangey/rust/gold pieces plus some black FQs--sheesh, did i way over estimate--and got to work.  i had heard this was tricky because of the original instructions in metric measurement, but whew, the tiny flying geese borders are coming along nicely!  couldn't be happier and anxious now to finish this little piece.  it's an official UFO so hopefully will get quilted this summer and be off the list before the year is out. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

starting a finish

this week is a blog hop over at "celebrate hand quilting" and if you hand quilt or just like looking, hop on over and see some beautiful work.  have recently started finishing up this quilt that had only the final border left to quilt.  it is very densely quilted as befits an amish style quilt and the batt is a 80/20 cotton/wool blend.  i think our weather will remain cool enough to get it done.  when i see hand quilting, my fingers start to itch to go and quilt something.  fortunately i have enough projects basted and at the ready for whenever.  once this quilt is finished, i'll switch over to small quilts for the duration of the summer, which should be arriving any time soon. 
in addition to hand quilting, the old viking and i are working on the "baby emma" wallhanging pictured on quiltmania last fall.  and note to self, when buying background shirtings, must buy AT LEAST 1 yard, as again this week, looking for a light shirting but none large enough for the entire project.  the fabric i finally used was not the best choice but the one for which i had sufficient fabric as shopping the stash was imperative.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

new to me book

most quilting books i can live without and do so quite nicely.  many i would like to get but funds and space just don't exist for that.  my selection is vast enough to provide plenty of inspiration and that fit on my one shelf...that's my limit.  since recently i flung one book just about this size, i could add this one.  the new england quilt museum is dear to my heart.  it's a project i knew from its embryonic stages right thru to the finish.  admittedly, i was a doubter in the beginning; the project seemed so vast and unattainable, but am proud to have seen it to fruition.  this is not a new book, 14 years old in fact.  and i don't feel guilty not supporting the museum by paying retail as i am a member and support the museum in other ways.  it was practically free; the shipping cost more, but i am so glad it's now mine.  plenty of old time photos and information on mill girls and mills in lowell, a few patterns and all the luscious quilts that became the start of its collection.  i've seen some up close and personal, but now i can visit whenever i want. *** quilting the last border on the amish center diamond is now in process.  this quilt has a cotton/wool combo batt, so when it's done, it'll get put aside until cooler weather comes back.  the little swap quilt is ready to baste and quilt as well.  it's friday for me and the living is eaaaassssy!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

says who?

for an early birthday gift, victoria gave me this panel when we met up last week.  as if anyone couldn't tell this was true, judging by the stacks of fabric in plain sight.  the elfa drawers are full, there are no empty shoeboxes OR places to put them, even if they existed.  so, for now just stacking it up.  not that i don't like having it to look at all the time as it inspires me and urges me to use it up.  **** today just finishing up piecing my swap little quilt, next is basting and quilting.  i'm also working on a quick project to use up more fabric from last fall's retreat.  at this rate, i will be ready for more when this year's trip rolls around.  today i'll also be marking the last border on the amish center diamond so it can be finished up this month.  i simply gotta keep my nose to the UFO grindstone because why?   i want to make more!

Monday, May 13, 2013

quick update

batiks have been taken...thank you dot!...and the aurifil thread too....

say hello to victoria!

NOTE:  bag of HSTs has been taken!  ****  this is my pal victoria from new hampshire.  we met on the internet and share a fondness (fondness?  LOL) for civil war fabrics and, get this, she lives close to keepsake quilting!  now keepsake is about 3 hours from me, vic's house just over 2, so sometimes we meet inbetween.  just so happens that marden's in sanford is about equidistant, imagine that!  but being the equal opportunity gatherers we are, one shop wasn't enough so we hit 2 others--kathie's in sanford and footprints in rochester, nh.  rochester has a bustling main street/downtown area and vic found us a fast and yummy chinese place for lunch.  if you are in either locale, can highly recommend all 3 venues for fabric, friendship and fine times!  kathie's shop has been open about 5 years and is in a welcoming, spacious old farmhouse.  kelly's footprints i'm not sure about, but she is already looking for a larger space.  all in all, it was an ENJOYable day (there's that word again!).

Sunday, May 12, 2013

two quilty deals

have a couple of quilty items up for sale.  first is a gallon bag with batik scraps; i've made one 25" square wallhanging out of this bag already and there is at least another and possibly 2 that could still be made from what's left.  these are first quality, quilt shop batiks, many from a recent quilt i made.  price is $6 plus postage from southern maine.  **** second item is a large quantity of half square triangles made from bonus triangles of quilt shop fabric leftover from my recent scrappy indigo project.  the size is 1 3/4" unfinished.  i could save them for someday but not sure i ever will use them.  price is $4 plus postage.  e-mail if interested. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

not a fabriholic but....

a fabricologist!  thank you, mrs. goodneedle, for clearing that up for me.  so, no addiction, just a deliberate gathering of woven cottons for a purpose....and there is a purpose for each and every piece, scrap and FQ.  **** saturday was an enjoyable day here in lobster land celebrating dear brother's birthday, sewing and relaxing until my weekend is over.  the maine quilts top is a flim; not quite a flimsy but very, very close.  the little swap project is progressing nicely.  some leaders/enders were sewn up.  some tumblers were sewn together.  only wish i could find a place to put this stack of fabric, except for the pinks/greens of course, they have a purpose AND a place. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

'nuff said!

is there a quilter anywhere who doesn't live by this mantra?  i hardly think so.  met up with my NH pal victoria yesterday and introduced her to a few new retail establishments.  this was given to us at the very first one and i wore it the rest of the day.  it looks just like my little phoebe! *** now that autumn change is done, will spend some quality time with the old viking this AM and get the maine quilts flimsy done, then finish up some handwork for the small quilt swap piece.  another "weekend" day for me which I plan to enjoy!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

got 'er done!

just this morning finished the binding on my "autumn change" quilt; it's only sofa throw size, but lots of cross-hatch quilting should hold it together a while....LOL!  delicious autumn prints, i love 'em and love to use 'em.  it's a gift so soon will be on its way to a new home.  ****  how great, now can move on to another quick (maybe) finish with the amish center diamond.  it's cool enough here today to quilt with overcast/rainy skies.  and if that doesn't take too long, might even be able to squeeze in the pineapple blossom quilt, which is also a gift.  need to make room for more UFOs as i've some new project ideas swirling around in the gray matter....BTW, this pattern came from a "quiltmaker" mag back in 2010, i apologize to the designer as i don't have her the mag it was done in browns/aquas.  it's chinese coins pattern and since i chose autumn fabrics, named it "autumn change"  get it?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

today's mission.....

should i choose to accept it, of course, is to strip up these nickels into pieces for some little spool blocks.  i know, i know, wasn't going to make any BUT i have an idea in mind and so jumping on the little spool bandwagon with both feet!  now that the autumn change binding is nearly finished AND the maine quilts piece flimsy is just about done AND my little quilt swap blocks are almost finished (whew), i can take a bit of a detour.  not for long, though, as the temps are creeping up--63 right now at nearly 10 am--and need to quilt the last border on the amish center diamond and get that bound for another finish before summer officially arrives.  **** so many lovely UFOs calling my name, it is difficult to choose just what's next!  ***** and a big thanks to all who peeked at and commented about "suddenly spring," paraphrase sally field, "you liked it, you liked it!"

Monday, May 6, 2013

suddenly spring!

omigosh!  what can i say after a day spent in quilting heaven?  this is how far i got on my project in bonnie hunter's workshop yesterday.  it will be titled "suddenly spring" because that is how it makes me feel.  during my trip to maryland a few weeks ago, i left the cold and brown maine environment to arrive in boston to see flowers on the trees, and as the train went further south, spring was a reality....suddenly!  and yesterday's workshop?  it was typical bonnie--fun and exciting filled with sewing and sharing, picking up valuable tips and tricks as only bonnie can deliver.  hop on over to her blog for more photos.  *** first up for me is to unpack the quilty suitcase, put phoebe back in her place, clear the decks here and get ready for work later on, still in the afterglow of a truly perfect day.

Friday, May 3, 2013

paintbox anyone?

this pattern is from edyta sitar, just found it in an email from hancock's of paducah.  wouldn't this make a delicious scrappy quilt?  i would probably use white instead of the beige and a different applique design in the corners, but i love, love, love a scrappy quilt like this!  wait, though, don't i have a scrappy ocean waves in progress?  i certainly do.  oh, and the scrappy honeycomb amish quilt too?  yep, i do.  and the scrappy boston commons waiting to be quilted?  so i am SURE i can pass up this one; seems i have scrappy covered at the moment.  *** another cool spring day here, that breeze from the north is keeping our temps too low for my liking.  it's sunny but still not what you'd call warm, but better than minnesota with 12" of snow overnight.  oh yeah, way, way better.     

Thursday, May 2, 2013

playtime with phoebe

thought i should get phoebe out and give her a run thru to make sure all is in order for sunday's workshop, and it is!  she is purring along like usual.  here are some of my pinks and greens i'll be using.  the plan is to get everything prepped so when i get to the workshop i can get right to the sewing part and bonnie's ruler instruction and fabulous tips.  she said she has a bit of a throat tickle, but hoping she will be hale and hearty for her busy weekend.  **** today started binding the autumn change quilt!  that'll be a finish soon, then it's quilting the last border on the amish center diamond for a 2nd finish in may....2 bed size quilts off the list!  good thing as i have 2 ready to take their place--the scrappy indigo flimsy needs batt/back and baste and then this workshop top the same.  after the may quilts, it's small projects and applique work on the hawaiian.  i would so love to have that basted before 2013 is history..... 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

sneak peek

here is a quick look at part of the project for maine quilts.  no, pine trees aren't blue with shells on them, just a bit of artistic license.  the plaid fabric was a volunteer gift last year from maine quilts, so it's neat that i'm using it for this year's display piece.  *** up early and eager for today's enjoyment which i hope will include plenty of progress on my 3 current focus projects--autumn change, the maine quilts and prepping pinks/greens.  a couple of errands will round out the day.  **** not much else doing here except watching spring progress and saying goodbye to april.  it's one of those days when i feel i can't sew fast enough or maybe it is just the stash inspiring me; either way, must not be deterred from current "must do" to rack up some finishes that are sorely overdue. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

new header

part of sunday was spent on a little daytripping.  with spring finally here and maine in bloom, it was the perfect day to do so.  the header photo is of nubble light in york, maine.  a real kodak moment place, not to mention the drive along shore road with waves nearly up to the car.  the video is of wells beach where it was sunny and cool with the air heavy with salt air aroma.  *** early this morning finished more of the maine quilts project.  then, pulled fabric for binding autumn change and got that ready.  all in all, a fun enjoyable day!

giveaway winner!

congrats to darlene....and thanks for leaving a comment.  this morning my mom drew the winning name and i have e-mailed darlene for her snail addy.  soon a little giftie will be on its way to her!  and thanks to all who posted comments as well.  **** already it's a gorgeous day and i've sewing fun planned.  had my caffeine and rarin' to go...enjoy today!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

everyone knows....

quilters don't darn socks; it's written in the creed we all live by and in which we believe, except when it's patchwork socks!  don't tell anybody but i had to darn this pair recently because i HAVE to have my patchwork socks.  they were perfectly fine save for a tiny hole so i bit the bullet and now hope my quilting compadres will forgive me for breaking the code.  i am hoping you would do the same in this situation.  *** another sunny spring day here in maine.  finally able to go outside with no jacket.  naturally we ended up at the beach yesterday for a taste of things to come.  even at the oceanside, it was warm enough to walk a bit and sit on a bench and soak up some rays.  **** quilty efforts were focused on maine quilts project and the autumn change.  determined to get this thing bound before workshop next week...i hope! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

a friday giveaway!

in honor of april being almost over, spring being finally here and today being a very fine maine friday, decided to have a little giveaway.  the pattern came home with me from retreat last october and the selvedge needlecase was made by me.  if you wouldn't mind receiving these 2 frugal gifts, leave a comment and i will draw a name on sunday morning.  the wallhanging is 30.5" square and is paper pieced if you want to know.  ****  yesterday was the first time i was outside without a jacket, always a good thing!  doing some cleaning today, getting out my little window fan and some sewing of course!  am prepping the binding for autumn change in anticipation of a soon finish.  then i think i will finish quilting the last border of the amish center diamond before putting big quilts aside for warmer weather unless i can squeeze one more in before it gets too uncomfortable.  **** in the interest of full disclosure have spent just over $700 on fabric, workshop costs and all quilt/sewing related items so far this year.  if i didn't count the workshops, it would be frugal indeed, so not bad at all!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

springy enough?

i think so too.  these are the scraps i've pulled for bonnie hunter's workshop next week.  some of the greens are leftovers from orca bay and some of the pinks are leftovers from a couple of baby quilts.  i did add a few to each pile; the background will be white.  most likely this will be donated at some point and will probably be tied, too, instead of hand quilted.  my hand quilting list is already overflowing.  ***  this is a (mostly) day off for me but i've got a list as usual.  first is diet pepsi; need some added "oomph" to get thru that list.  *** the temp last night when i arrived home just after 11 pm was 47 degrees; oh yeah, it is definitely spring now!

current read

if you follow along here, you know i'm one who reads on a regular basis.  this is the current volume on a medieval nun, hildegard von bingen.  it's part fiction of course, but i wanted to learn more about this remarkable woman i first learned about in music class in college.  now, my degree is more ultra-pricey maine souvenir than career booster--way more than any goofy lobster mug--but i did learn some about many things.  this woman was a writer, poet and composer among other accomplishments, unusual for her religious vocation.  medieval motets make me nearly swoon; i love the spiritual nature of the sounds and do listen to them on CDs, often on sundays to set the tone for the day .  *** on the quilty front, been quilting on autumn change and happy to say nearly ready to bind.  am also working on 2 hush-hush projects, my maine quilts piece and a small swap quilt being hand pieced.  in addition to quilting right now, though, have to prep my pieces for bonnie's workshop....super fun to come!   

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

maryland blueberries

first, a plug for the delightful shop i visited in maryland called "tomorrow's treasures," located in a strip mall in crofton park.  it takes a bit to find's in back...but oh so worth the trip.  a huge selection, sale fabrics, machines, friendly staff and other quilters, of course, which is how i came by this piece of barbara brackman fabric.  a lady ahead of me in line bought most of it and with less than a yard left, i took the rest.  it's maryland?  who knew?  it surely had my name on it.  my other purchases were some FQs of pinks/green for bonnie's workshop. ****  definitely NOT summer here with temps in the 40s but the good news is looks like old man winter is gone, gone, gone...for now, anyway. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

precious moments

remember this little cutie?  well, it moved to maryland and to DD's for her sewing enjoyment.  and so it was that while visiting, we had some mother/daughter sewing bonding time.  she had printed out the manual and put the pages in page protectors for easy reference.  she even got it threaded for when i arrived.  she got a pillow pattern and cut out some pattern pieces.  i gave her some tips on cutting out patterns, the meaning of the lines, how to mark the bed for seam allowance, the use of pins and off she went...a real prodigy!  she was thrilled beyond belief.  and the smile on her face when it was finished?  priceless!  ***  so today finish unpacking, get organized and back to work after a night back in my own bed.  not that i didn't sleep well in maryland, but you know how it is.  this week's goals include more quilting on autumn change, more work on the maine quilts project and prepping for bonnie's upcoming workshop.  and lastly, missing my kiddos now too far away.  ****  lastly, my hat is off to BWI airport; superior drivers on their shuttle services.  i don't frequent a lot of airports at all, and i didn't even fly there, but can't sing the praises of them loud enough...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

back from summer

though i missed the DC cherry trees this year, did manage to find this one still in full bloom....soooo gorgeous!  and trekking the washington mall spied these wisteria, also beautiful and so summery.  *** it isn't even close to summer here in maine yet, and i do miss it already.  more than that, i am missing my daughter and son-in-law.  a great visit was had by all and we are planning more in the future.  i am slowly learning to be a mother-in-law...LOL!  not yet unpacked or back on my former routine, but while i would miss my family here, not keen on living in maine at all.   *** and to no one's surprise, i found a quilt shop, a very nice one in fact, and explored it with a new friend from last year's retreat.  turns out there are plenty more quilt shops in the area i haven't even visited....for now anyway!