Sunday, June 9, 2013

sunday frolic finish

it's a small finish - 26" square - but a finish nonetheless.  it's called "frolic," a pattern by sandy gervais.  decided to use my small cache of watermelon print fabrics to make a summery wallhanging for the work cube.  now to finish quilting the maine quilts piece.  **** machine fun has been on squares for just takes 2 (years), which will keep me busy all week no doubt.  ****  and thinking of starting a new project using stash of dargate indigos, since i have all those blue/cream shirtings as well.  just at the thinking stage; as of yet no fabric has been harmed....LOL  *** perfect june day, ahhhh; would that we had them every single day, for a whole month anyway!


  1. Fun little summery piece should brighten the work cube well! : )

  2. Oh that is so cute, will really perk up your work cube. As long as it doesn't make you want to be home quilting, lol.