Friday, June 30, 2017


while catching up on the antics of francis and clair underwood (house of cards),  just about finished my ocean waves top....all i can think of is stained glass...needs a final press...i hate to iron much when there are so many bias edges...but it's safe now.   this was a great finish all the way around....the top finally got done....except for a 2.5" charcoal border....

an empty UFO drawer.....

and this gap on the stash shelf.....there used to be 2 piles of solids, now only one...if this keeps up, may have to consider some replenishment....but i think i'm good for a!

saying goodby to june 2017 was my parents' wedding anniversary and imagine mom is knee deep in memories of that day,  my dad and their hopes and dreams for the future...they made a beautiful couple....inside and out.....

Thursday, June 29, 2017

the floor

no individual quilter achieves success by takes a village--of sorts...for many of us, it's the floor; our over-size design wall and receptacle of all things scrappy....see what i mean?

thanks to those ever-defective command hangers, my real design wall is now crumpled in a heap on the floor, so my floor stood in...these are just pinned but wanted to make sure no two exact colors were side by side.  it's the best effort i can make, knowing somewhere it'll happen as it always does in my scrappy quilts.  so anxious to get these blocks sewn together and see the top up close and personal....but while the floor has provided aid, it has also created disarray....

for some time now, have had a wastebasket with a wider circumference on my "need" list....this is why.  a date with the vacuum is also on my list....but aren't they pretty???   call me happy to have all the triangles cut and sewn!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

coming together

started this years ago, can't recall exactly when, but i know it was after bonnie hunter showed hers off...9 or 10 years maybe?  hers was very large and her triangles were very small...i was immediately wowed and a bit intimidated....and who wouldn't be?

but one day a pattern crossed my path; a smaller version with bigger triangles (for hand quilting, you know) and so it was started.  the charcoal solid was bought on my first visit to lancaster quilt shops when my suitcase bulged with over 11 yards of fabric!  solids were collected in little bits just for this project, and as expected, the last of my cherrywood scraps are included.  and now the first row is fingers are itching to quilt it...the auriful quilting thread was bought at maine quilts 4-5 years's definitely one of those process quilts and one i'm planning to keep for me. not true amish, but homage to the amish quilts that first lured me into quilting....the photo doesn't do the colors justice, so much more vibrant close up.....i'm just tickled that it'll be a top very soon and can probably start quilting in the fall....who knew natural fibers could be so darn much fun!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

it's official!

yesterday, sarah posted details of the blog hop "12 days of christmas in july" and it does start on July 14th...the day before my post!   i've "borrowed" her announcement photo, but you should definitely visit her for all the details....

spent entire sewing day monday working on the ocean waves....have begun putting rows together already!  cut a gazillion more triangles to finish up units but still have fair amount of solid stash left, of course.  but with this project have finally used up all my cherrywood solid scraps from years back when i indulged in a few of their scrap bags.  kaufman solids are another fave, and recently i've added some made in america brand solids, which are not as heavy as the kaufman, but i like the idea of buying american made goods.  ***  being further from the ocean means totally different products available in the fresh fish department at the grocery, but after having local fresh haddock for so many years, i simply cannot bring myself to buy fresh haddock from china....china???  isn't that a lot further away than new england?  

Monday, June 26, 2017


my secret sewing is finished!  all that's left to do is organize the photos and i'll be ready for christmas in july!  you may have guessed that i've been asked to participate in sarah craig's "12 days of christmas in july" blog hop ( day will be saturday, july 15th, so check it out plus all the other wonderful christmasy projects by my fellow christmas bloggers!  i don't know exactly what day it starts, but i'll let you know.  in the meantime, since the secret stuff is done, that means the clear organizer is was empty, quickly replaced by pieces of that wonky border flimsy.  have come up with an alternative border that will preserve the triangles, but first have to remove all of them, unsew and repurpose.

unsewing is great TV watching work, so another UFO flimsy for the machine has now come to light..

it's the solids ocean waves and hoping that can get this to the flimsy stage in the next week or so.  by then should have the borders off the other one and then can rework and finish THAT flimsy.  *** it's a gorgeous monday here and windows are open wide for some fresh air sewing.  summer is 1/3 gone and making good progress on my goal of emptying boxes/bags/drawers filled with UFOs, which has also kept me from starting a whole lot of new projects.  quilting the QOV is more than half done and after that, another bed size is waiting in the wings, which should be a 2017 finish.  hoping to squeeze one more big quilt finish before 2018 arrives....and just like that, the year is half over!  fun quilty days flying by.....