Saturday, October 23, 2010

a finish

just this evening i finished a hexagon tablerunner, christmas, using a packet of charms i got in a swap a couple of years ago. the charms are from sandy gervais' line called "merry and bright," and i am thrilled i used this packet up AND i knocked a UFO off my list. with 2011 just around the corner, i still have way too many on my list for my liking AND i've done the horrible deed of starting almost as many new projects besides. i am thinking of tying 2 of the UFOs in january and donating them, which will give me a good start in the new year. i'll post a photo of the tablerunner tomorrow when i take the picture.

The Pledge

I, Grace Thorne, pledge to talk more about my (quilting) processes even when I can't quite put them in words or be sure I'm being totally clear. I'm going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.

Being an English major, I am never at a loss for words, either spoken or written. I have always been a pretty transparent person that way. I am, however, endeavoring to make this blog more quilt related and less personal ranting and raving. I used to have a sister-in-law who said our family had "no filters," meaning we pretty much had our feelings and thoughts in the open when dealing with one another, and often with those outside the family as well. If that is why I have no friends, then so be it. She, on the other hand, was so secretive and deceptive about her true feelings and self. We came to realize what a disturbed person she really was.

Friday, October 22, 2010


cooling down significantly here in maine and tonight might be our killing frost. many mainers dread the coming of winter and i am at the top of the list. i had hoped to be out of maine before snow flies, and there's still a chance, but just as likely not. a new parka is on my list this fall, so hoping the unemployment checks start arriving soon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

every quilter....

should have a pair of patchwork socks don't you think? no, these aren't home made. i got them in Amish country, Bird-in-Hand, at a t-shirt shop while on vacation. they are soooo comfy, colorful and splashy! i love my hand-knit socks but I love these too. they look super with my touristy t-shirt I got there as well. ***** if you're "into" baltimore album quilts, peek at these on amy's blog. simply gorgeous, but i know i don't have the expertise or time to make one. i might do some squares, though, for fun.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

back to quilting

doesn't look like much at the moment, but this is going to be a winter-themed tote bag for a swap. i didn't have to buy any fabric for this at all, shopped entirely from stash which is a VERY good thing! this was from a commercial pattern as i have NO design talent whatsoever. machine sewing is much easier for me right now than hand quilting, though i have done a bit of that this week for short periods of time. yesterday i spent doing some odd sewing including this piece, plus trying to get organized as to what to do next. i tend to work on several projects, meaning 3-4, at a time and with limited space that is not really practical. today i'll make a list so i can put away anything not currently needed and keep the small room from getting cluttered.....clutter drives me nuts! ***** have put the job situation at the back of my mind for now. have resigned to not getting my unemployment, which is very wrong, but it's something i cannot change. just waiting for november so i can close out my retirement account and have some cash for living expenses. until then, only moths in my wallet but the immediate bills are paid, so it's tolerable. ***** plenty of good sleep last night under my comfy quilts, which makes a HUGE difference in how i handle these situations. the glass is definitely half full today for that reason.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bureaucratic limbo

according to the unemployment office, they are waiting for information from anthem. now if anthem provides that info as quickly as they pay claims, it could be spring before they ever respond. hardly anything has gone right since i moved to this despicable pine tree wasteland. life here has been just pure crap from day one. and since the other two maine employers that back-stabbed me lied to avoid unemployment, my guess is anthem will do the same. isn't anyone honest anymore? i simply cannot figure out why these potato heads continue to screw me over when i am simply trying to work.

if it's tuesday....

that means "dancing with the stars" was on last night. I am in no way a reality TV show devotee, but after taking ballroom lessons myself, I am more than enamored with dancing. I don't currently dance as hippos rarely do, but when I did it was pure heaven. The absolute most fun I have ever had in my life. ***** I did manage to quilt a tad last night also. Having my arm better is sooo great but will be entirely at ease when it's 100%. ***** No jobs have materialized yet, but I didn't expect one so soon. I am trying not to think about how my life got so convoluted over a piece of damn property or some busybody, but it did. I am overwhelmingly sad about a big chunk of my life being downright awful. I am going to do everything I can to make it right and get to enjoy the rest of my life if at all possible. **** A fairly new tenant is a UPS worker. He spent the summer lying around the yard in his chair baring as much flesh as possible. He was bragging about his salary at UPS, so I'm not sure if he is trying to recruit me or make me jealous. Either way it isn't working. **** Went to my checkbook the other day and found 3 checks missing. They could have been taken at work as my manager never followed through with a desk lock. Nobody really comes into the apartment except family, at least when we are here. Another nuisance that is going to cost me money to rectify.

Monday, October 18, 2010

End of Summer (Squash)

there has been no killing frost yet here in southern maine, but it still might be difficult to find any more native summer squash. tonight for supper we cooked the last 2 we had. tomorrow it's a salad with our last cuke and tomatoes. our regular vegetable stand has closed for the season, as have the farmers' markets, so not sure where we could find more at this time of year. as usual, i didn't get enough fresh vegetables to my liking. we spent easily $30 every two weeks just at the farm stand for 2 people, and we didn't eat gluttonous portions of them, but we did eat them every day, usually 2-3 different veggies. i will miss them all. ***** waiting on my unemployment claim which, if follows suit of other back-stabbing maine employers, will be a trifecta and get denied even though i am entitled as i was the other 2 times. i am simply stunned as to why i've run into these horrible people on a regular basis. they have all treated me like i am some kind of freak or undesirable for trying to sustain suitable work here in this pine tree wasteland. i never claimed to be the rolls royce of medical secretaries, but i've seen plenty others who aren't either and they manage to work on a regular basis. what freaking gives here?

Previous UFO Finish

this is the UFO i finished before vacation and before the arm problem. it's a simple patriotic tablerunner. i saw the pattern in an old quilting book (circa 1980) and thought it might be a cute finished project. not sure what it's final destination is, but for the time being it's residing on the shelf with the other finished items. ***** a happy monday since the sun is shining, it's fall here in maine and i am reasonably healthy. i did some hand sewing for about an hour yesterday, but the arm is aching a bit this morning, partly due to the sewing and partly to sleep position, so i'll give it a rest and some gentle stretching before trying to sew any more. i am hoping to be back working very soon for many reasons, not the least of which is financial. in about 2 weeks i'm going to have to wipe out my retirement account 401k for living expenses. then i'll HAVE to go back to work, won't i?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

a serene sunday

it's been a beautiful fall day here in coastal maine, cool but sunny. didn't really do anything at all today of consequence but i did manage to do a bit of hand sewing. after about an hour my shoulder started to ache a bit so i put it aside, but it's progress nonetheless. i've a UFO that is nearly done and i just might be able to finish it this week, which would be great. in addition to the shoulder, my fingers hurt also due to the wrist/forearm injury. when i flex/extend my fingers like in typing or sewing, i can feel it up to my elbow and then up to the shoulder. everything is connected together is why. even the company doc said the finger and back of hand soreness and swelling in the forearm was due to the wrist injury, though he didn't have the guts to actually tell the company that or write it down, no doubt because anthem was paying him. he's a first class wimp, what about his "do no harm" oath?

a beautiful day

in this neighborhood, early fall, coolish, sunny, breezy, just nice. i also got a little dose of validation as well regarding my most recent former employer from the AARP website. it seems the city attorney for Los Angeles is suing Wellpoint/Anthem for outright lies to its enrollees. the city attorney even went so far to say that Wellpoint would say or do just about anything to keep from having to pay claims or insure those who might actually get sick. i could have told him that. so, i'm guessing i won't be seeing any unemployment benefits from them. thank goodness my arm is actually getting better, not yet 100% but soon i think. chalk it up to another unscrupulous maine employer, the 3rd i've had in the 9 years i've lived here. i honestly feel like someone is trying to keep me from working, like wouldn't you? i hate maine, i really do.