Saturday, March 19, 2016

let's celebrate!

definitely NOT a hallmark holiday but one to celebrate regardless...

and expect all the faithful will gather round the machine or hoop or cutting table to play.  alas, today is a work day for me, but most days i do get to play with my quilty doodads and beautiful stash fabrics.  sewing on the 365 blocks continues as well as farmer's wife blocks.  now that have rebounded from the late winter crud, hope to sew play even more.  ***  and even though THAT WORD aka SNOW cropped up again this weekend, looks like it is swerving out to sea and spring can officially begin tomorrow.  has been a blissfully brief and warm winter with ice out earlier than usual and even opening up fishing season much earlier than normal.  now all that is needed is a place to would be good!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

luck of the irish?

even though i am not personally of irish descent, perhaps some of the luck of the leprecaun was with me today.  2 months ago the binding for the summer sampler was cut and rolled for today, when it was time to pin it on.  now, binding is something i almost never measure, rather cut by eye and add a bit for insurance.  so wasn't worried as i started pinning it on, and then this happened...

got to the end of the binding, which fit perfectly except for these 2 little ends...that's all that was left.  would never happen again in a million years no doubt, but today, thanks to those leprecauns maybe, i was a happy quilter.  now off to finish and cross off a UFO!

throwback thursday

while doing some file housekeeping of the laptop, saw this photo taken at the gerald roy exhibit in NH a few years ago and wanted to share with you.  it's a pattern that has caught my eye recently and might be a future project.

in the meantime, just about ready to start binding on the summer sampler, so should be a soon finish.  no new stash and it's getting easier to delete those fabric sale emails.  of course, all bets are off when at retreat later this!   no green beer in my day's agenda, just some block sewing and quilting, which is way better in my mind.  wouldn't turn down a green bagel o' the morning to you!

Monday, March 14, 2016

in good company

catching up on blogs early this monday spring morning and find that several are in the same boat....that is, experiencing some sort of illness that, while not serious, has resulted in sewing hiatus.  did manage to get together one FWS block last night and also cut pieces for several 365 squares.  despite the slow down, enjoying super spring temps that are breaking records nearly every day here in lobsterville usa!  also like several bloggers, have added NO new stash this week, so maintaining the status quo which is good indeed.   included this photo taken by me 2 years ago on a trip to was april and this cherry tree was in full bloom...isn't it gorgeous?   and if it's monday, then it's a work day.....lucky me!