Saturday, January 12, 2013


if you are thinking, "hey wait, didn't she finish that," then you would be right.  it often got hung during december as one of my wallhangings of the month.  but this year it got taken to work for my cube during christmas.  while looking at it these past 2 months, i realized i don't like it much, but i do love the fabrics sooooo it has been unquilted and will get unpieced next.  the fabric will get washed and put into the scrap basket for another project (see lower right corner).  currently working on gail pan's "christmas wishes" wallhanging that will take its place every december. how about you, have you ever "unquilted" anything?  i thought it would be painful but it wasn't. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

first finish!

and on the overcrowded design wall this morning is this first 2013 finish!  this is the wallhanging made of jo morton's "variety" line of luscious red reproduction fabrics.  and did you know that this year, this very spring, there will be a new line of "variety" in blue?  i did and i am waiting as patiently as i can for it to go on sale.  my no buying resolve will be cast aside when it's available.  not that i haven't been sorely tempted so early in the new year by e-mails and websites to add to my stash, but when i do get tempted, i simply pull out an elfa drawer and take a long, very long, look at the fabric i already have.  it usually banishes the temptation....well up to now, that is.   **** spring has flung, back to the 20s this morning, and sorely missed for sure.  i'll be commiserating with the old viking.....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

a springy sewing day

with temps at 43 and the sun shining, am loving our january thaw.  a great day to sew, but that's any day of course.  working on the "just takes 2" project, section 2, which is done except for 2 more blocks.  one is a pieced lone star type and the other is applique, so they won't get done today.  nevertheless, it's great to see this project progress.  and a UFO will get crossed off either today or tomorrow, just finishing up the binding.  ***  have to confess have a couple of new projects dancing around in my head.  sitting here staring at my luscious stash gives me constant ideas for using it.  and i'm equally motivated to finish up the projects in process.  now off to keep on keeping on!

Monday, January 7, 2013

under construction

the little house challenge subject came up again last week on the Stashbuster yahoo group.  i had printed some foundation patterns for these, but they were 3" and 5", neither of which excited me.  but kaaren, a fellow quilter just over the northern border, kindly sent me her 4" version.  yesterday decided to play out of my scrap basket and try them out.  caution: they are fun to make and i got 4 done fairly quickly.  the most difficult part was choosing the fabrics.  my scrap basket isn't that full so i pulled out the large shoebox of strips.  i decided to make red doors on all of them in homage to my first quilting teacher, who had a shop called "the red door" quilt shop and then used black for chimneys.  i don't think i'll make 365 of them, but enough for a small quilt anyway.  love the scrappiness of them!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

staring at the stash...

and wondering if i should start another project to try and bust more.  this is my view climbing in and out of bed every day, which explains why the UFO list is so long this year (for me), now at 35...yes, i found another.  i really want to play in the stash each and every day, but have to force myself to tackle UFOs instead.  with much fortitude, have managed to avoid all fabric sales e-mails, magazines, books and blogs with BOMs in order to keep to my objective of busting my own stash and UFOs but it hasn't been easy.  and (gulp) today is only the 6th of will i ever survive the whole month?  hopefully this view will help.  this one and the even bigger view on the other side of the room.