Friday, October 30, 2015

in the hoop!

managed to locate the quilting frame so this could get on the road to being finished.  on the left are a couple of my fancy marking tools...have marked this with small/med/large intersecting circles to offset the angles of the spools.  will be good to have a finish while the UFO list languishes... *** file this away in the "older but wiser" category...when a single parent and way overburdened with too many hats that were all important, sometimes promised things that could not be delivered.  people were disappointed and probably even angry, but so many times situations arose that could not be set aside or delayed.  even though they pop up in my mind occasionally, must resign myself to accept things that cannot be remedied at this point; that's the way it is now too, just muddle through until the situation changes, so with that in mind, this one little finish is a big deal.  soon will be able to tackle the other's all i can do.  now back to regularly scheduled fun!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

this week's stars....

cute little stars of sprigged muslin repro fabrics; i know, quite matchy-matchy but they'll go well with all the other stars so far.  only about 9 more weeks for this sew along, doesn't seem possible it's been nearly a year.  they do add up quickly, might have enough for 2-3 flimsies when all is said and done...and here are a few more pumpkin photos; gosh it was a lovely day and good news, warmer weather is headed our way...we will take it!

lost an antler but still a moose...

mini-monsoon here this morning before the WARM on the sewing deck are FWS blocks, more daisy chains and FLASH, forgot to list 2 UFOs...the peacock garden and the scrappy 9-patch....eeek and the year isn't over yet either!  gotta go, projects to sew!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

my "granny"

it's block #41 called "granny" and it's ready to join the stack....

one of the pieces was from the edge but will be taken up in the seam allowance....of course, i could measure and cut the pieces to size but it's fuzzy math and have often cut the pieces too small, resulting in waste so just eyeball which seems to work ok...*** a super fine day and since foliage is on the wane, decided to go pumpkin peeping instead.  the town of damariscotta has a HUGE pumpkin fest every year.  the giant size gourds are hollowed out and then fashioned into flotation devices and a race is held on the river.  all around town are lots more decorated and fun to see....

have more that will post another day; end with a shot of the harbor that is so picturesque, much like many other little coastal inlets.   they may be tourist destinations, but are also working fishing villages.  enjoy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

somebody's birthday....

if you see this scowling little towhead today, be sure and wish him a happy birthday!  this is brother #2 all wrapped up in his snowsuit and not too happy about it either.  he was a feisty little guy but age has mellowed him (a tad) and he is definitely a keeper!   ***  another tuesday so time to play in the scraps busy box is once again stocked with hexie papers and fabric pieces.  the next FWS block has been posted and the little spools piece needs marking for quilting so the sewing list is started....probably more bricks will be added and who knows what else....another sew-wonderful day in store!

Monday, October 26, 2015

lickety split bricks

another project is in the works....having lots of fabric piled around constantly inspires me to use it.  i got this idea from a pattern in jen kingwell's book a while ago, filed it away in the "little gray cells" and have been cutting up scraps into bricks for yesterday's start.

pretty sure this one will get tied and donated.  it's my way of paying it forward for all the fabric that was so generously sent to me earlier this year.  maybe you'll see YOUR donation fabric here and know that you had a part of this gift.

sewed up a couple more daisies for the daisy chain project, which might also be a donation but not quite sure yet.  both of these are a long way from being done.  trying to keep the new UFOs to a minimum, but so far have mom's table topper, the summer sew-along, these 2 projects, the little tumblers; the little hexies--not counting the 2 current sew alongs--so that might be all so far.  the little spools WILL get quilted and finished sometime before the end of the year, and i did finish the little heart medallion piece.  here are the daisies...

no rhyme or reason to either of these, just pulling pieces out and sewing them together.  some oldies in these round pieces, see the yellow roses in the left one?  bought that about 15 years ago at the fabric place in woburn, it was a hunk of 3 yards on one of their discount tables.  at that time i was not "into" repros but i loved the fabric and still have some of it left.  fabric place was a wonderful source for good quality at good prices...gone now about 5 years but not forgotten.  got some gorgeous hoffman prints there as well....such is life...well, up early to get this week going!

Sunday, October 25, 2015


was flipping thru some old photos and it was fun to see my "stuff".  it just isn't true that being "out of sight, out of mind," as i do think of my stuff often.  found this photo and many others of things that haven't been seen for a while...

when i hear the word "stuff," an old sunday sermon comes to mind, subject being "stuff".  given by a missions pastor who traveled extensively to third world countries, he lamented the fact that most people have too much stuff.  compared to many in far-off lands, it is true.  many live day to day without basic requirements to sustain life or without many comforts we take for granted.  material possessions abound for many, and too many have the life goal of acquiring more.  i agree; by those criteria, i also have too much stuff.  not as much as some, but more than many.  and while i've lived since april without most of my stuff, i have been able to sustain life and my basic needs are met, albeit without comfort or convenience.  so, do i feel guilty?  not so much guilty, but certainly appreciative.  i miss my stuff; i miss sifting through it, admiring it, enjoying it, using it.  not as much as i miss family members not here, but--and secret confession here--i don't feel like ME without my usual stuff.  things that were at arm's length are no longer; items that were mindless parts of my daily life have disappeared.  now looking at old photos, i think, "oh yeah, i have that book/pattern/tool/frypan/sweater."  will my life go on?  it does anyway, but will be nice to have my stuff back with me again.  won't replace loved ones who have passed or those who live far away and are dearly missed, but life will seem somewhat normal again.