Thursday, August 14, 2014

throwback thursday

heh, heh, heh, me and the older brother one christmas, circa aunt used to love putting angel hair on the christmas tree..i always loved the way the colored lights would shine through it...pure magic!  and curls by tonette too!  another cool summer day here, sooo comfortable and ideal for doing anything.  well, some chores done, now to dress and get sewing! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

B minus 2 weeks

birthday two weeks from today but this early bird gift came lexington prints!  i chose 12 of my favorites but in truth, i love them all.  what's not to like!  pair these with some midwinter reds and zowie.....a simply gorgeous quilt or anything for that matter.  for many years i've been wanting to make a jack's chain quilt and these will be perfect!  and those nice hancock's people put in a color flyer for luscious batiks and kaffe fassett fabrics, so very sweet of them.  oohhh these are truly gorgeous prints and colors.  i might just have to fondle them a while before cutting into them.  let the celebrating begin!

Monday, August 11, 2014

no wonder....

ok, so i made the "cabana daydreams" flimsy, then i made another small project (can't show now) and then i made these 2 potholders, the top one is done and has crazy patches on the back--same fabric scraps--and have i used up the entire 2 layer cakes yet?  no way!  so, no wonder i have a humongous amount of scraps left over from other projects.  once i piece another crazy back for the 2nd potholder, i am going to use the rest to cut inchies and make more of these little 9 patches....aren't they adorable?  this fabric line is sooo pretty, just right for spring and summer.  and the potholders will brighten up the kitchen come winter and much shorter days.  **** bonnie hunter is going to tuscany next spring.  i am toying with the idea of going on this tour.  i have always wanted to see italy.  true, i don't care much for flying long distances, would have to get in better shape for walking and sightseeing and would have to go into mega-scrimping mode, but still am thinking about it.  she flies all over all the time without any serious mishap, so chances are would make it to and from alive, but not sure can muster the courage.  it's a daydream all on its own!  ****  bit chilly in these parts this morning, 58 degrees, which is more like fall but won't last....summer is coming back soon with a vengeance, meaning beach and swim days galore!  now for more playtime with phoebe!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

23 to do

first "lady of the lake" block done, only 23 more to go.  yes it DOES measure EXACTLY 8.5" so swap hostess will be happy.  using a variety of blue batiks with a WOW print.  should be a very pretty finished project i'd say.  leisurely sunday morning playing in the stash with phoebe....have 2 more little projects hope to play with today, in addition to tying the baby quilt AND some time on the hawaiian...  is this a great day off or what! aaahhh this is what i had hoped it would be like during this time in my life.  thought i might go on more quilty jaunts, but realizing that time is finite, would rather sew than browse endless shops.  if i didn't work saturdays, i probably would do more quilt shows, but won't always be this way.  for now, playing in the stash whenever i can is just right.  now go on, have a good day!