Saturday, July 14, 2012

the sun never sets

forget about the british empire, it's just take 2 that seems to be with me ad infinitum.  almost ready to put the last block into the first section and get it off the design wall and i've got 5 done for the next.  not exactly where i'd hoped to be at this point with this project, but progress nonetheless.  also got some other sewing done this morning with ideas and projects galore, per usual.  **** and no, i haven't ventured out yet.  it's nearly 90 and going higher here, unusual for coastal maine.  we did get to the beach yesterday afternoon and had to leave because the wind was so strong and cool.  truly the dog days of summer and august isn't even here yet.  

Thursday, July 12, 2012


all i have left is to reverse applique those 8 little diamonds, then square off the square and put the entire section together.  when i started this project in january, i wasn't working at all and had endless days to sew.  no doubt i wouldn't be so far behind if that was still the case, but no matter, i like my job a lot and for sure the paycheck is most welcome.  i still get to sew nearly every day if i want (except in beach weather of course), and so it is no big deal.  like all my projects, they get done eventually.  and after all, it's the process i enjoy most in addition to the end result. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

one is done

one down, 11 to go.  this measures about 3.75" across, so not THAT tiny but still small enough for a small quilt.  i just couldn't make them any smaller due to the, ahem, aforementioned fingers.  and i still find them boring to do, sorry but i do.  quite certain i could never make any bed size quilt with them, but i was entertaining the idea of a vintage-y christmas stocking....for someday maybe.  yesterday i also worked on the ocean waves units too.  **** the weather gods are smiling on us this week; warm, sunny, dry, perfect weather!  great for sleeping and just about anything else except singing in the rain!  and july nearly half did that happen? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

kitting it up

remember me saying i am not a "red" person?  it is true for the most part but not when it comes to these delicious fabrics by kaffe fassett.  these are nickels i cut from my small stash for a project i'll be taking on retreat with me later this year.  last summer i volunteered to sit at a quilty booth at a fair and saw a display quilt made in these colors.  it was beautiful and so i started assembling some FQs for a project.  i don't have quite enough so a road trip is in the works.  and kaffe himself is coming to new england later this year.  it's out of my budget but would have been super to go.  fortunately i can get somewhat of a fix vicariously through his gorgeous fabrics. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

see any legs?

me either, yet i had 4 other pair of scissors that apparently did have legs.  a pair of paper scissors, a pair my mother gave me when i was 16, a tiny pair my daughter gave me a few years ago and a pair i just bought last week.  i've looked in all my kits and totes, the sewing desk, the sewing table, etc.  for some reason, when we go to the beach or shopping or wherever, meaning when nobody is at home (like today), things disappear.  could be somebody with a key, although the locks are not exactly fort knox quality.  these were scissors i never took out of the apartment for fear of losing them.  so who has a key?  management and maintenance and us, and who else?  not sure.  did i mention i despise this place, the neighbors, the staff?  yeah, i hate them all with a passion.  it wouldn't be the first landlord who has stolen from me, why i haven't a shred of a clue.  short of putting everything i own under lock and key when i go out, there is little i can do.  i hate to do that just for sheer principle.  they better watch out, God's vengeance is so much worse than mine.