Saturday, December 1, 2012

a winter squishie!

a smiley face and a survival kit for some stormy day this winter.  i have a pattern already in mind for these repro colors.  this came from vic who lives further in the country than i do, so i am hoping she has plenty left for any dreary day that comes her way this winter.  **** no word yet from australia on the arrival of my secret santa package.  the postman said it would be 5-7 days by air mail, so it should be any day now.  *** on today's agenda is a bit of christmas sewing and maybe get that ottoman cover hemmed and on the ottoman.  that leaves me with 1 nonquilty project, that of painting the chair in my sewing room and making a chair seat pad, which will be a string thing done with selvedges. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

one done

first, OMG, is tomorrow really december 1st?  like, how did THAT happen?  really fast, i'd say.  today, though, i've been sewing away on a few things.  i got the first entire block done of the scrappy indigo quilt; there are 12 of these in all.  so far i like it, a lot.  blue and white is so crisp and classic.  next, i've been working on a cover for my ottoman.  finally got tired of seeing it in the used state (it was a freebie) and so got it nearly complete today, just needs to be hemmed.  it isn't anything fancy, i don't really do slipcovers at all, but it works and looks fresh and new and matches my chair.  those were all my requirements.  then i've been quilting on the scrappy christmas quilt because, as i mentioned, tomorrow IS december and i hope to finish it before the end of the month/year.  so, what are you doing? 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

save the date

someone decided the time has come to promote the LQS or local quilt shop.  a date has been proclaimed, january 24, and so i am happy to do my part.  now for those of you (er, us) who might have possibly overindulged in 2012, a whole new year is starting soon, clean slate!  so, help the economy and visit your LQS on january 24th, or maybe 2-3 of them?  i patronize a few for different reasons and it's difficult for me to choose just ONE, but rest assured, i will rise to the challenge.  for more details visit here.  it's the right thing to do.

times have changed

whereas in past decades i swooned over crooners and hunk types, now this makes me feel faint and go weak in the knees....paisley!  these are from edyta sitar's "dancing in the rain" line, just in at my fave repro gathering place, BUSY THIMBLE of litchfield, maine.  i've had them a couple of weeks now and can't get enough of looking at them and wondering what luscious project awaits for them.  and whereas in past years i have gifted myself with something particular at christmas, i think i've taken care of that already this year, what with my Lancaster trip and now these.  and i say, who better to choose a gift for me than me? 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

more merry sewing

not having any christmas sewing deadlines looming, i have the freedom to sew for christmas fun.  since those ornaments were just so darn cute, decided to make a few more.  thinking about my christmas fabric stash and what might work prompted me.  these are almost done, just have to sew down the binding on 2 sides and loop the ribbon through for a hanger.  **** in addition to these, been quilting on my christmas ribbons scrappy, hoping for a december finish.  this project, plus the ottoman and more scrappy indigo units are on the sewing table this week.  finished the flannel pants for the cool nights.....priceless!

Monday, November 26, 2012


first task this morning was to tidy up the thread box AND fill those many empty bobbins.  they made the bobbin box look so forlorn!  my thread spools are kept in a plastic container with a lid and it is imperative that they all fit.  so, when it gets a bit crowded and the bobbins are empty, a winding session is needed.  like most, some thread goes back to the 1980s or 1990s, just a few, but it really needs to be used.  i mostly use white or cream for piecing but pull out the colors for scrappy piecing.  and i've a new spool of masterpiece yet to try.  any testimonials out there?  anyway, 9 spools got moved from spool to bobbin.  just a bit of sew housekeeping.....