Friday, September 21, 2012

mail candy

mr. postman brought some eye candy yesterday and don't you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little quilt made by jo morton?  it's in the current issue of Quiltmaker.  i could make this no problem; in fact, i could probably make several as i seem to have some of jo's fabrics here someplace...<grin>!  **** it's a coool morning here, i mean in the 40s.  great sleeping under quilts weather.  and that means great quilting weather too.  that is on my agenda today, quilting on the scrappy pinwheel.  with cooler weather arriving, i need to get this on my bed ASAP.  can't wait to try out the wool batt.  it's my day off and i have absolutely NO errands or chores scheduled so a quilting marathon of sorts is on.  enjoy the day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


some secret selvedge sewing going on in the studio, my lips are pretty much sealed but i can show you this much.  and isn't this the greatest thing?  took my paper piecing books by queen carol doak to staples and had them spiral bound.  now i can trace those patterns with ease!  other than the "just takes 2" project, which is languishing on the ironing board at the moment, i don't do a whole lot of paper piecing, but she has some patterns that work for a project i'm just starting for maine quilts next year.   *** wild, windy and rainy wednesday here, good for a change!   NOTE:  i think i have turned off word verification, so it will be easier to post comments should you desire.  let me know otherwise.....

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

monday sewing

in addition to my hour of quilting, managed to sew up these units for the ocean waves quilt.  there is no rush getting this flimsy together and, in fact, i might have to order another grab bag of those luscious solids from cherrywood in order to get the variety i need at a low cost.  this quilt takes an enormous amount of triangles, even at the size i'm making, which is giving me a 3.5" square when 2 are sewn together.  not nearly as small as bonnie's gorgeous, huge ocean waves, but because i hand quilt all my quilts, i tend to shy away from too many seams.  *** now off to start my busy day in gorgeous early fall weather!

Monday, September 17, 2012

away they go!

all done and headed for the swap hostess, these 5 little baggies of stars made with jo morton fabrics.  since being, shall i say "indoctrinated" or "exposed" to jo morton's fabulous fabric lines a little more than a year ago, i've jumped into the civil war repro movement with both feet right up to my neck.  there is something about this fabric style that tweaks the strands in my prairie woman DNA, although i don't think any of my ancestors got anywhere near the prairie.  mostly they are here in new england in extreme rural and even unsettled areas.  my great-great grandfather was at appomattox when lee surrendered, but he came back to new england.  anyway, this swap is history; now to wait for the returns....i can't wait!  and would you believe, snow in new england this weekend? 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

drought over

after a too-long quilting drought, last night i could finally sit down with hoop and needle for some quilty relaxation therapy.  and it worked, too, because i slept 9 whole hours last night.  still doing the eye drop thing but looks like the eye is coming around nicely.  **** on tap for today?  some household tasks, a few kitchen chores and then maybe back to sewing...and it is such a lovely early fall day too.  1 month, 1 week....won't be long now!