Saturday, May 28, 2011

we've not forgotten

he went to war a young man from a small town in maine and came back having seen too much unpleasantness and with residual health issues.  even though he saw some exciting landmarks and Bob Hope, he couldn't wait to return to maine soil, forever changed and not all for the better.  no doubt that's true for far too many.  on this special day and every day that we enjoy our freedoms, we salute you all. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

a surprise gift!

wow, what a surprise in the mail today!  these are hand-dyed solids, a HUGE collection of small pieces, from cherrywood fabrics.  the $$ for hand dyed fabrics isn't in my budget, but is obviously in somebody's.  and solids too, double wow!  mmmm, thinking amish little quilts here....even if i could afford the yardage, i couldn't choose just one or even a few of these gorgeous colors!  turquoise maybe, or royal blue, or eggplant, or lime green?  well, whoever you are, thank you!  **** it's an at home retreat this weekend for the stashbusters.  means little to me because i sew nearly every day anyway.  i worked some on my mystery project and later will quilt on the pinks project.  so far the weather isn't bad at all.  would be great if it holds all weekend.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

mystery project continues

here is a photo of ONE of the fabrics i'm using in my current project, a bit of a mystery until the unveiling.  that's my antique sewing table underneath.  you can see the sun coming in through the blinds so it isn't cloudy for a change.  i keep my laptop on the left corner because of wiring accessibility issues.  i'd prefer a dedicated spot but there simply isn't any floor space for a laptop desk close to the wires.  i could get a fold-down desk to mount on the wall, but again, no space.  i am able to work ok in my little space, but more floor and wall space would be nice.  *****  oprah, like most notables, has her critics, but when i saw those men from morehouse college who had received scholarships from oprah, and also others whose education has been enriched by her gifts, i was more than choked up.  sometimes i might think she's a little too much "out there" with her generosity, but no one can deny that many people with little or no resources have benefitted.  God calls us not to be Pharisees, puffing ourselves up and boasting about our good works, but in some ways I think oprah, because of her background, is more amazed because she CAN give rather than giving just for faint praise.  sometimes when i am able to help someone else, i feel the urge to tell, but it's only because i am filled with joy, not pride, in being able to meet someone else's need.  there is a real difference, but since i don't know her personally, i can't be sure.  a very wise person long ago taught me the difference between self-respect and selfishness and it really changed my life for the better. 

david letterman not!

maine's top ten

1.  medical secretaries need not apply
2.  in maine, multitaskers are the under-employed with a series of minimum wage seasonal jobs
3.  most renown landowner actually calls texas home
4.  you can get there from here, but it's at least a 100-mile drive each way, usually more
5.  always sacrifice industry and jobs to save tourist haunts
6.  25 miles on turnpike costs you $3 in tolls
7.  4-year college degree opens the job center to look for a job
8.  sign at border stating "the way life should be" for tourists only
9.  the original LL (leon leonwood) Bean's goal was never to sell shirts made in pakistan or guatemala
10.  most abundant of resources, lobster and blueberries, shipped out of state

so, come on up and be sure to bring those tourist bucks with you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a pity

the pot smoker is back outside now that the weather has improved.  too bad our complex doesn't have a building set aside for those who indulge in such pastimes....closer to the boonies, you know?  it's one of the real negatives of apartment complex living.  it just isn't fair to those of us who would rather not smoke along.  that explains why i wake up with a headache in the morning because i'm not really a headache person at all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

weekend wrap

spent the weekend quilting on the pinks as well as machine piecing this little wallhanging.  the pattern is from the moda bakeshop via calico horse and calls for charms, but naturally i have stash to use!  it's almost all pieced, now on the design wall.  once finished it will go in the tote along with all the other finished items with no specific destination.  it will be hand quilted at some point.  other colors could be used for any season, really, but i love christmas so greens it is!