Saturday, September 19, 2015

addendum to friday post...

forgot to mention (exhaustion!) there is at least ONE quilter in the building, a SERIOUS quilter, meaning lots of stash and several machines who has it bad like!  after 9 hrs straight of sleep am thinking clearer now and hoping they didn't find me too weird...tend to babble when maybe will get my gear together in's the right thing to do!

Friday, September 18, 2015

quiltus interruptus

yes folks, time again for the so far unproductive, superfast trip to interview for housing, yes, in maryland...took the midnight train (9:30 really), which should be renamed the back buster...but i digress....akin to being on a roller coaster in the dark that stops and starts several times.  arrived bleary-eyed and exhausted; picked up rental that was upgraded from subcompact to jeep latitude with nice, roomy, reclining seats perfect for occasional naps and the size of a small yacht....a pleasant surprise!   after the required but alarmingly brief 15-minute housing interview, more napping in the jeep and return car, wait for 10:40 train that turned out to be 11:05 train and another excitement filled trip to new england, then another bus ride (another nap) and finally back to square one...literally.  i took my sewing (no loud guffaws, please) and the ipod (perfect), drove thru chick-fil-a twice,  a change of clothing (wise indeed) and little else.  again promised  am "near the top", which must be a euphemism for "haven't a clue" or "don't hold your breath," or "sometime this decade" providing, of course, i am the proper "fit" (? huh) for senior housing community, meaning around age 70 (me 66) and with a keen interest in dominoes!  not looking for a life partner here, people...just an apartment near my daughter and SIL....crikey!   seriously, it is a lovely place and the people seem nice--how can one be sure in 15 minutes?  the location is nice also, near lots of retail and community resources; spit polish neat and most of all, my own apartment....(pause for drool and near heart seizure)....if only the beckoning call comes, for which i am definitely NOT holding my breath.  six months ago was #3 on the list for another location and still no call.  my income has been downgraded by social security, thanks to working too much last year, so essentially poorer than ever.  have described my desires and hopes and the direness of my current situation, perhaps too overzealously, that seems to fall on deaf ears.  am wondering now if perhaps they are oh-so silently skipping over my name, which would be illegal, so probably not.  at least i hope not.....stay tuned for more adventures of grace's housing back to the regularly scheduled quilty posts!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

garden progress....

since these little blocks will be getting carried around, thought it would be best to securely baste rather than just pin down...they go with the midnight garden small quilt project currently working on...

some of the pieces were fussy cut to get the most out of these beautiful fabrics; can't wait to see the top all together with the patchwork blocks.  have to say these are much prettier than those used in the original magazine pattern....taking photos is great for getting a good perspective as now i see the top left is not exactly evenly centered.   ****   facebook is overrun with posts about the farmer's wife sew-along coming up in a couple of weeks. still have not decided on what i'll use for fabrics; have lots in my stash that would be nice but may have to choose from what is on hand, which is mostly civil war.  ***  well if it's tuesday, that means scraptastic tuesday, plus laundry and few other errands.  aaahhh the circle of life.....

Monday, September 14, 2015

design floor monday

spent some time with the old viking on sunday during quilt-cam working on a new scrappy project--civil war era of course--seen here....liking this a lot so far...the centers are a red/cheddar print..  the background wonky triangles will be scrappy too...gotta use up the stash!  have also included a photo of the summer sampler with its borders....ready to baste and quilt.

touch of fall in the air here, welcomed by just about everyone.  now onward...busy week ahead with plenty of sewing of course!