Friday, September 4, 2015

bronze stars

the camera battery was just about done, but did manage to take this of the latest batch of stars...bronze browns, of which i chose 3 from the stash and made one of each.  you'll notice my high class ironing board aka pink towel again in this photo--we quilters are known for our specialized tools...(grin!)...and have also posted a couple of photos from a day trip to pemaquid point.  it is a fine kodak place but more than that, lovely shade trees, picnic tables everywhere, grassy areas and nice restrooms.  and of course, the lighthouse and a small museum on the history of col. pemaquid and the area.  as a youngster, always climbed on the rocky outcroppings but in recent years, am always baffled why people take small children in sandals or flip flops so close to the edge where a rogue wave could pull them in.  was i that casual in similarly dangerous places about my daughter?  i don't recall and i hope not.  definitely not near water as i don't swim; i don't think aqua-aerobics qualify....but hope you enjoy and just maybe if you get real close, you can even smell the salt water...maybe?

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

a diagnosis!

whew, what a relief to know i wasn't just imagining things! after playing in knee-deep stash piles yesterday and working on about 5 different things, thought i was simply having an "off" day but nooooo!  i was suffering from this malady that affects probably ALL quilters and i can relax and enjoy the illness..thank you dr. msmidge!....LOL!   ***  so what did i accomplish you might ask?   the little heart applique wall piece is basted,  more scrappy 9-patch blocks, cut up a bunch of little scraps, started yet ANOTHER scrappy quilt.  someone had gifted me some FQs with a circus theme, one with elephants, one with tigers, one with clowns and so on.  did some fussy cutting and now have to shop for a background to tie them all together for a child's quilt that will get donated when the time comes.  oooh feeling faint, an exacerbation of symptoms no doubt...must go and start the machine!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

a little tumble...

took some gifted 2.5" squares and turned them into tiny tumblers...needs more variety but it is a start. already made one little quilt with civil war tumblers but looks like will have another in mod fabrics...oohh i do love the bright colors... a veritable cotton crayola box!  ****   and remember i mentioned red's eats in an earlier post....they have been featured many places for their generous lobster rolls, and it was a fave place of my dear dad for fried clams; can attest that everything they sell is good but for me, not worth the wait.  as you can see, it doesn't deter many tho....this was nearly 2 pm in the afternoon on a friday and the line was like this at 12:30 wonder other seafood shacks have popped up across the street for the impatient and/or starving masses....

to order and pick up food, have to make it all the way up the little hill and around the corner to the window.  this is route 1 in wiscasset, a pretty little town, but the traffic is bumper to bumper all summer long--makes it easier to ogle the masses waiting for food and see other sights in this little village.  and as i said, the food is very good but have a snack before you come....LOL!  *** ay caramba! september already?   did we have summer?  it's another hot week here but seriously, it has been a rainy summer and with a late start as well.  plenty of good days left before the nasty arrives.   and i don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy autumn.....

Monday, August 31, 2015

over to the NOT dark side!

somewhere in a deep corner of a box are some very nice civil war repro spool blocks waiting patiently for me to add to them.  but my fingers were quivering when i saw the mod charm squares last week and so couldn't resist making these today.  not yet sewn together but just photographed to see how they look together.  the colors are not exactly right but these are definitely NOT civil war fabrics.  bright colors are really fun to sew with and drool over.  this will be a small wallhanging; thinking a narrow white (or maybe aqua? peach? lime?)  border and then maybe some narrow piano keys all around....time to go shopping in the stash again!  and no money good is that?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

even more stars

not sure if these are exactly "later turkey reds" but they were the first reds at hand, so this is what was used and will have to do.  once all are made and some quilt is assembled, they will work fine i am sure.  the old viking was quite happy to come out and play on this last sunday of august.  hard to believe most of another summer is behind me.  after a lobster lunch, finished the last row of the summer sampler--all in all, a restful day, as it should be.  also ready to mail are the civil war nickels for swapping....

i don't swap often due to postage costs, but civil war nickels are a big temptation, and it is always interesting to see what is received.  and now back to regularly unscheduled sewing fun!