Saturday, September 10, 2016

slow progress but progress...

another little block done for MMC  (modern magical christmas) because of an uber-busy week with lots of time spent at various meetings and some mundane tasks.   the digital camera has grayed out this green background fabric, which is much brighter in person but looks oh-so washed out here.  guessing the flash wasn't enough with window blinds closed.   i'll keep it in, just not close by the one above.  loving this color palette....21 blocks more so it'll be pretty colorful when all together!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

quick show 'n tell...

got few more blocks done, farmer's wife and another magic of christmas, which i'm calling magical modern christmas....blistering hot rest of week so no doubt will get more 365 blocks done and MMC #4....have a good day and stay cooool!

Monday, September 5, 2016

monday design wall

just like that, was 16 blocks behind in the 365, 2 behind with farmer's wife, a westering women and magic of christmas block to do also, so fired up the old viking and got to it....results?

westering women block 8 and magic of christmas 2 done  (3 was posted today!!!)....and the afternoon was dedicated to 365, knocking off  another 5 challenging blocks

leaving me 11 behind, one which is a light 12" corner block, plus 2 farmer's wife and 1 magic of christmas....the sun has set and the old viking is ready for cooling off and another lint caveat:  don't set your pincushion on the directions....otherwise pretty happy with every one. *** still looking for part-time work but keeping busy nonetheless.  and september already?  but this is maryland, not maine, and summer is far from over, although a few days without a/c has been heavenly.   now, off to start the week!