Saturday, December 4, 2010

"he" was here...

jack frost that is. fortunately he had mr. rainman close at his heels and the bit of snow we got overnight will be gone before day's end. that is just fine with me. those north and west will get the full force of jack's visit and won't see mr. rainman at all, so we are lucky indeed.

Friday, December 3, 2010

jam heaven

today we took a trip to jam heaven, otherwise known as stonewall kitchen. it has morphed from a simple, one-building company store into a megamall filled with all kinds of jams, jellies, mustards, dressings, dip mixes, crackers, kitchen utensils, pancake mixes, sauces for ice cream, brownie/cake/cookie mixes, candies, and all things related that you can imagine. they have also added a cafe that was quite busy serving lunch. their bathrooms are elegant, nice subway tile places with granite countertops and bowls for sinks....very chic. they also sell seasonal plants and today had trees/wreaths/swags etc. if you ever visit maine, this is a must-see place AND a grazing place as well. i tried all manner of sauces, jams, marmalades, crackers, dips etc. i did manage to bring home a jar or two.....tiny jars of blueberry peach and orange cranberry marmalade plus a regular jar of mimosa jam. these will last quite a while as i am not an everyday jam eater, just once in a while. ***** we also saw plenty of christmas trees, the for sale kind and the free kind along side the road. here in maine, the PINE TREE state, there are plenty of free christmas trees for the taking, as long as you can find them in the dark, meaning the 10-finger discount. we buy ours, saw!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

deja vu all over again

browsing through quilt shop catalogs, i've seen a number of geometric prints featuring this color combo, black/turquoise/poison green. this fabric is not a new print, rather an old original fabric from the 1950s i'd guess. it's a quality cotton and i've used bits here and there in 30s style quilts, but it's probably later than 30s. the new fabrics in this color tend to be harsh geometrics whereas this is a floral of sorts. it's an oldie but a goodie and definitely a keeper!

Monday, November 29, 2010

a temporary detour and another happy monday

first, i took a brief detour from hand quilting to whip up these on the old viking. i had pulled some scrap solid strips a while back and paired them up and sewed up both sides. then this morning i used my wondercut ruler and made this stack of HSTs (left). this left a bunch of waste triangles (bottom right) that i ironed and used to make the QSTs (top right). these are for an ocean waves quilt, amish style, using charcoal kona cotton instead of black. so, got scraps? make quilts! ****** why a happy monday you ask? well, my family is well, the sun is shining, we are warm, have shelter and have sufficient food for our needs. no, my life is far from perfect but especially this time of year i am keenly aware of so many who lack basic necessities. last night i saw a news feature of a broadway show based on spiderman that is costing around $60 mil to produce and launch. i was appalled and you should be too. no doubt the homeless and poor are in plain sight in new york and this kind of money is being spent for pure entertainment of the affluent? it makes my blood boil. so many have their priorities completely out of whack.