Thursday, February 18, 2016

someday is now

got folders? 

the new year's frugality has extended to books and magazines.  but, until i can be reunited with those i already have, decided to dig into the "vault" aka the desktop folder that contains downloads of free patterns and ideas been saving for "someday"'s simply labeled "pdf files" and have already printed off a few that are or will be in the works very soon.  my philosophy is if i start it, i will finish it.  the cats wallhanging is one and that is almost ready for binding.  every few months go thru and toss those that no longer interest me.  when i started quilting back in the (what now seems) medieval 1970s, magazines and books were important inspiration sources.  fast forward and the internet is now an instant, 24/7 resource.  so wonderful that things in the quilty world have changed to what we have now....insomniacs rejoice!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

beyond sew-alongs...

lest you think that's all the sewing getting done these days, here's a peek at the progress on daisy chain. 

no flash needed due to sun streaming thru the window this AM.  this is definitely going to be hand quilted once finished--and all the little center circles are appliqued too!  can u tell missing my big ironing board?  the little travel iron and a small corner of a small table are grossly inadequate for quality pressing but it's early days... this project, plus the 2 donation quilts i'm working on PLUS a few new projects too are keeping me as busy as i need to be.  swirling around is a scrappy DWR that i want to make too, but need to finish some things first.  hoping these will provide a detour from new fabric temptations....and have you seen "mostly manor" by victoria findlay wolfe?  love those stripes!  wondering how i can justify them....oops, change subject!  still spring-like here but back to late winter tomorrow in the ongoing weather boomerang!

Monday, February 15, 2016

definitely NOT scraps!

a "partner in crime" aka fellow quilter recently posted she had scraps she planned to fling.  i needed a variety of neutrals for my hexie project, so inquired if some could come my way.  sure, was the reply, and soon a squishie arrived with these....which are definitely NOT scraps...

sincerely gobsmacked over the generosity of this fellow quilter.  have already cut a huge stack of 2.5" squares for the hexie project....thank you mystery sewist!   and have been keeping busy in endeavors other than keeping's block charlotte for the farmer's wife...

and how cold was it today?   when starting the car it was -5, half hour later down the interstate it was -10 and then about 15 miles beyond that it was -11....but when driving by the ocean inlets the sea smoke was thick like fog and spectacularly beautiful....a real gift from nature!