Saturday, May 11, 2013

not a fabriholic but....

a fabricologist!  thank you, mrs. goodneedle, for clearing that up for me.  so, no addiction, just a deliberate gathering of woven cottons for a purpose....and there is a purpose for each and every piece, scrap and FQ.  **** saturday was an enjoyable day here in lobster land celebrating dear brother's birthday, sewing and relaxing until my weekend is over.  the maine quilts top is a flim; not quite a flimsy but very, very close.  the little swap project is progressing nicely.  some leaders/enders were sewn up.  some tumblers were sewn together.  only wish i could find a place to put this stack of fabric, except for the pinks/greens of course, they have a purpose AND a place. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

'nuff said!

is there a quilter anywhere who doesn't live by this mantra?  i hardly think so.  met up with my NH pal victoria yesterday and introduced her to a few new retail establishments.  this was given to us at the very first one and i wore it the rest of the day.  it looks just like my little phoebe! *** now that autumn change is done, will spend some quality time with the old viking this AM and get the maine quilts flimsy done, then finish up some handwork for the small quilt swap piece.  another "weekend" day for me which I plan to enjoy!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

got 'er done!

just this morning finished the binding on my "autumn change" quilt; it's only sofa throw size, but lots of cross-hatch quilting should hold it together a while....LOL!  delicious autumn prints, i love 'em and love to use 'em.  it's a gift so soon will be on its way to a new home.  ****  how great, now can move on to another quick (maybe) finish with the amish center diamond.  it's cool enough here today to quilt with overcast/rainy skies.  and if that doesn't take too long, might even be able to squeeze in the pineapple blossom quilt, which is also a gift.  need to make room for more UFOs as i've some new project ideas swirling around in the gray matter....BTW, this pattern came from a "quiltmaker" mag back in 2010, i apologize to the designer as i don't have her the mag it was done in browns/aquas.  it's chinese coins pattern and since i chose autumn fabrics, named it "autumn change"  get it?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

today's mission.....

should i choose to accept it, of course, is to strip up these nickels into pieces for some little spool blocks.  i know, i know, wasn't going to make any BUT i have an idea in mind and so jumping on the little spool bandwagon with both feet!  now that the autumn change binding is nearly finished AND the maine quilts piece flimsy is just about done AND my little quilt swap blocks are almost finished (whew), i can take a bit of a detour.  not for long, though, as the temps are creeping up--63 right now at nearly 10 am--and need to quilt the last border on the amish center diamond and get that bound for another finish before summer officially arrives.  **** so many lovely UFOs calling my name, it is difficult to choose just what's next!  ***** and a big thanks to all who peeked at and commented about "suddenly spring," paraphrase sally field, "you liked it, you liked it!"

Monday, May 6, 2013

suddenly spring!

omigosh!  what can i say after a day spent in quilting heaven?  this is how far i got on my project in bonnie hunter's workshop yesterday.  it will be titled "suddenly spring" because that is how it makes me feel.  during my trip to maryland a few weeks ago, i left the cold and brown maine environment to arrive in boston to see flowers on the trees, and as the train went further south, spring was a reality....suddenly!  and yesterday's workshop?  it was typical bonnie--fun and exciting filled with sewing and sharing, picking up valuable tips and tricks as only bonnie can deliver.  hop on over to her blog for more photos.  *** first up for me is to unpack the quilty suitcase, put phoebe back in her place, clear the decks here and get ready for work later on, still in the afterglow of a truly perfect day.