Saturday, November 12, 2011

autumn change flimsy!

and here it is....this is rachel griffith's design from 'quiltmaker' jul/aug 2010.  hers was pictured with tans and turquoise with a cream background but i dove into my luscious stash of autumn prints and made this version.  it'll be quilted--hand quilted naturally--with various leaf/acorn/vine designs and then bound with a scrappy binding of....what else but autumn fabrics!  this is a future gift for somebody special.  i had to take this a bit far off at an angle because my room is small AND the close-up version completely skewed the colors, which are fabulous.  so now you know why i haven't blogged in a few days.  i've been busy sewing on this and a few other things too.  plus a bit of room cleaning was also necessary.  the shoebox left empty with this flimsy finish now has a new resident project.  they don't stay empty long, i'm afraid.  **** today i've also been quilting on the amish center diamond.  i've got all the open spaces planned except the next-to-last border, a 5" border.  i've a baptist fan stencil i might use or i might try my hand at a wavy feather design, now that i know how.  **** still on the job hunt as usual.  now that beach weather has passed, there's a lot more time to sew.  after thanksgiving holiday i plan to ramp up my efforts. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2 little packages

from janet are some purples just perfect for bonnie's mystery quilt coming up soooon!  then, my swap gift from the jo morton online stitchers' group.  even without these two little gifts, it's a glorious day here in coastal maine...temps over 60, sunny, light breeze...perfect!  **** been doing a little of this'n'that sewing, nothing to show yet.  gotta get back into regular sewing; first, the autumn change flimsy needs finishing.  i'm also hand quilting on the center diamond.  always something to do, just a question of motivation.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

another nashua beauty

this was a group project by Coastal Quilters in's Arena Farm in Concord and it really does look like this.  very often in the autumn i would be in concord and drive right past this farm and there would be piles of pumpkins...the beautiful oranges against red barn, blue sky and all those changing leaves.  this is considered 'country' but not far from the city.  i would occasionally stop and pick up some apples or fall veggies.  unfortunately, i read they recently closed.  so glad it has been preserved in cloth. 

thank you, catherine!

last summer i received an e-mail from catherine sanchez of 'australian homespun' magazine asking if i would mention their new digital service on my blog.  i was happy to do so; it makes for easier and quicker accessibility by non-aussies.  today in the mail i received a personal thank you and 3 sweet!   i was truly delighted!  it was a  bit of a down day after a brief respite from maine/no-job misery and these cheered me up a bit.  i'll stop here because i'm in a serious griping mood.....

Monday, November 7, 2011

nashua shopping

yep, this was it.  some quilting thread for UFOs, purple/green FQ for bonnie's mystery, the kaffe fassett FQs and the pink pencil leads.  the stashbuster UFO coordinator tells me with my finishes this year, i've busted over 50 yards of fabric.  that's pretty good, i think.  that means i've probably got 150 yards left, or thereabouts.  because most of my fabric pieces are half yard or less, and lots of it are cut up into strips or squares, it's difficult to actually calculate.  that 50+ yards was in 11 finishes; so 33 more finishes and it'll be gone.  and that isn't all bed-size quilts either.  this info is very encouraging indeed.  **** our temps this week are hovering around 58-60, so should be a quite nice...except for the afternoon dark, that is.  will take a day or two to adjust circadian rhythms. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

back from nashua

best of show went to this astoundingly beautiful quilt by LINDA ROY called "Irish Cream."  Plenty of action here....stippling, trapunto, cathedral window sashings and hand quilted too!  i just love it when shows acknowledge hand quilters along with machine quilters...makes my fingers tingle!  **** kudos to the team for organizing this year's gathering, especially difficult given the fact that the venue abruptly closed on them earlier in the year AND just days before the freak early winter storm knocked out power.  many not far west are still without electricity, but was restored in time for the show to go on.  i sat at admissions for a couple of hours and more than one quilter arrived still without electricity but who cares when there's a quilt show on?  **** seriously, i can't extol the virtues of this show enough.  it's all juried and it's always stellar.  my admissions cohort, terry burris, had 2 quilts in the show...i was impressed!  **** my one class was sue nickels and drawing feathers.  since i make a lot of amish quilts, i'm always looking for over-the-top designs to quilt (it's the part i love most, remember?) and despite being totally exhausted for this evening class, i was giddy with design fever.  it'll take practice of course, especially since rulers and i are uneasy partners, but since my focus is not perfection, i believe i can be successful.  i imagine the person who drew the first circle or invented the wheel was equally excited.   designing in my head for the 2+ hour trip home last night helped keep me awake and alert.  thank you time change...i got an extra hour that i so badly needed!  the vendors?  watch tomorrow....