Saturday, February 4, 2012

just like new!

so, the old viking is back in its spot and the "new" chair is ready to be called into service.  a visit to the thrift found this sturdy solid wood desk chair for the outrageous sum of $5.  with a bit of TLC it'll be in tip top, sanding, painting and a cushion.  the little brother goes back into the traveling tote and i can get back to orca bay.

Friday, February 3, 2012

orphan no more

just another quick project in between orca bay.  took this orphan block and turned it into a pillow.  then i realized how well it goes with my hawaiian pillow.  must be my favorite colors, eh?  *****  good news!  the old viking is well again, will pick her up tomorrow and see if i can finally get this orca bay flimsy done.  i also ordered a supply of Organ machine needles.  long ago when i got the viking, Schmetz was the recommended needle and i've used them faithfully and successfully all these years.  at maine quilts picked up a small packet of Organ needles and find i like them better than Schmetz and they work in the little brother too, so decided to get in a supply of them, which should last the next 30 years or so. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a whole row!

after much ripping and re-sewing, i finally have one entire vertical row done!  it wasn't without a bit of drama...the little brother machine HATES all those seams and i broke 3 needles just trying to get one seam done.  it still doesn't line up perfectly but i am not taking it out a 4th time.  if i get the old viking back before the flimsy is tied, i will probably fix.  so, today (wednesday) i am going to tackle more rows; perhaps i can get 2-3 more done?  that would be terrific.  **** after i got this row done, i worked some on a little challenge piece.  i have to get back to the browns/muslin project also, which i know the little machine wouldn't fight.  even so, my color appetite is whetted now that i've seen one row done and excited to see it all together. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tune-up time

though still "young" looking, the old viking needed a tweak.  seems SOMEBODY ran over some pins, the cad!  she's only 34 but unlike humans, she was working from day one.  except for that year in storage, she's been hard at work all that time.  poor thing doesn't even have a proper name, and i never did call her the young viking.  it was orca bay that put her over the edge, and i'm not even done with that flimsy.  a few bloggers noticed i've got it wrong, so back to check the finished photo posted by bonnie.  in the meantime, i have the little brother that runs pretty good too except it would rather not sew over all those seams in the strippie units, but we're managing.  have to get the pattern right before i do anymore, though.  thank you bloggers!  i shouldn't have tried to put it together while watching "Downton Abbey".....LOL

Monday, January 30, 2012

start of the finish

here is my design wall this last monday in january.  i am finally starting to put together the orca bay rows and am i glad!  seems like i've been stripping and sewing and trimming and cutting for ages now but as you can see, it is well worth the effort.  i am anxious now to get the whole flimsy together and i think i am going to bind it in the cheddar, only because it might just seem to fade out if i don't.  oh, this is going to be a beauty i think. maybe then i can get that feathered star top finished.  **** we are still enjoying spurts of spring here with temps over 40 yesterday and a few days this week as well.  more rain in our future but only the skiers are moaning....i'll take the liquid precip over the frozen kind any time. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

on my ironing board

bonnie asked, "what's on your ironing board,?" and so here it is.....bloody orca bay....still!  i'm working on it today and making progress but nowhere near fast enough for me.  i want to get this flimsy assembled so it can be tied and done!  these have BEEN on my ironing board for some weeks now.  i am also working on other things inbetween but it's difficult when these pieces have taken over.  as you can see, i need to set the date on my camera.

organizing idea

 i needed something smallish to store my applique threads and the few embellishments i've accumulated.  one day last fall i was in joann's and saw this.  it was on sale half price, plus i had a $3 coupon, so it was just about free....and it's perfect!  not only are they all safely tucked away, i can find them super easy plus it has a small foot print.  once in a while karma is with me.  ***** been busy today working on orca bay but not really motivated.  it's one of those boring days that i feel like going places but don't really know where, know what i mean?  the quilting mojo will return or i'll just keep going in spite of the yucky mood.  things could certainly be so much worse.