Thursday, April 4, 2013

singing (the praises of) the blues!

that would be jo morton's variety blues....yes, finally got to fondle them yesterday and bring them home.  aren't they gorgeous!  indeed!  on the drive back to the village where i live, about an  hour, couldn't stop thinking about how to use them.  plenty of patchwork visions danced through my mind--while obeying the traffic rules, of course.  first off, wash and dry, then fold and add to my stash of irresistible jo morton fabrics.  and now i'm thinking....brown variety?  green variety?  cheddar variety?  oh yeah, i sure hope jo is reading this!

taking stock

every time i add a bit of new fabric to the stash--these are madison manor FQs from jo morton--time is spent taking stock of what's been used up.  my head was nearly hung in shame after last year's retreat when almost 40 yards of fabric came home with me...i know, it seems like a HUGE amount.  but since then, the plum solid and batik bali pop has been used, 3 yards of a green solid just about gone, 3 yards of a dark blue print also cut up waiting to be sewn that will incorporate many of the batiks bought, the mod FQs are disappearing slowly, the summer breeze blues/yellows made into the mondo bag, other solid FQs cut up for the amish style ocean waves, black/white prints were swapped, and bits of civil war repros used in various little quilts.  true, it hasn't all been used but feeling confident i haven't become a fabric collector.  my swap gift at retreat was a collection of blues/yellows batik charms, and those are going toward a pair of pillowcases--white with tiny 3" paper pieced stars--some time this summer probably.  rest assured i'll be sewing up a storm between now and this year's retreat...after all, i go to have fun and shopping for fabric is an absolute fun requirement!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

scrappy indigo flimsy

most of my sewing time recently has been quilting on autumn change and sewing up those little blocks for a tote, BUT this did finally get its final press and can be shown....what is better than blue and white?  collected these indigo and indigo-like fabrics for a while and they are perfect for this pattern.  a blue narrow border was called for, but decided to opt out and instead will bind with the blue to finish it off.  **** today is my friday and looking forward to a couple of days of spring weather, even though it is hardly warm.  the snow is just about gone except for a few errant dirty hills here and there.  but the sun is soooo nice.  in maine, 50 degrees is warm and i've seen many in shorts already.  now off to spend AND enjoy the day!