Saturday, July 9, 2016

quilty news from the hot zone

my DD keeps asking me how i am tolerating the heat and humidity now that it has arrived to stay, like every day...LOL!  well, so far so good, and especially good for sewing and quilting too!  this has now been placed in the hoop and the quilting has begun.  it has a destination so it must be completed before end of summer.  vic in NH gifted  me with this jelly roll--fabric line aptly named "grace"--so put this twin size together.  the white central squares set the colors off very nicely.

also got the milky way masquerade (aka batik stars) basted and ready to quilt as well.  my summer job of quilting a queen size DWR is no more, so can get back to my own stuff.  course, this means there are no funds for my fall retreat in lancaster either, which really disappoints me a lot.   this is the 2nd year i've not been able to go and really going to miss it a lot.  even though i can hop on up to lancaster myself, it just isn't the same as a week-long sleepover with like-minded pals who are totally fun!  *** speaking of lancaster, DD and her hub and i went today and admit i fell off the no-buy wagon just a skosh...except for a few FQs and a remnant, everything was needed so that nearly eliminated the sting of buying.  will post photo later.  ***  busy quilty week here with plans to get some quilts together to aid the WV flood victims, a quilt of valor all basted and a couple of lap robes in process.  nothing to do but keep cool and quilt on!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

bit o' playtime...

another UFO, and the one with the least amount done, is a bricks and steppingstones quilt done in plaids.  i have twin nephews and decided to make them each a quilt.  their older sister already has one.  had cut a bunch of strips and the center squares for this but until the other day, hadn't actually sewn anything.  hence, this first block. 

think it looks pretty manly made from cut up shirts and some plaids bought at marden's.  just the first block, but once the strips are cut, should work up pretty quickly i'd think.   might use a red for the centers on the 2nd quilt, but i do like the cheddar!   ***  with the 365 project and now this, the very lights stash is dwindling so will add that to my lancaster shopping list.  those plus a background solid for the farmer's wife, a bit of solid black and the new jo morton "gratitude" and maybe some of barbara brackman's new blues....oh and that adorable alpine christmas line by pink chandelier too....better stop there!  ***  it's guild week here, managed to join 2 guilds that meet a day apart once a month, so it's quilty feast week for sure.  ***  and our senior center group has decided to do a QOV and make a presentation on veteran's day, hoping not only to honor a local vet but perhaps generate some new quilters to our group.  ***  it's a hot week here in maryland with days over 90....ideal for cranking up the a/c and sewing!  

Sunday, July 3, 2016

from every mountainside....

let freedom ring!   proud to say i am a descendant of revolutionary patriots, even though their decision to fight was defense of their livelihood and not any great desire to be free from England; until British ships came into port to commandeer their lumber, they were loyalists!!!!

in college, i took a course called "literature and culture of the early republic," studying printed materials like newspapers, pamphlets and books.  an assignment was to visit the library's special collections and take a look at some examples.  my choice was a book by john adams....what an awesome feeling it was to hold such a tome in my hands (with gloves) and actually read the words of such a great man.  have ridden by the adams "farm" (now in the middle of a bustling city) often but never actually took the tour...and of course, he and abigail are buried in a quincy church...lots of history in that area.  can only say i am grieved by so much of politics today...what would our founding fathers say?  would they think it had been worth the cost?  they were not perfect men, but courageous visionaries trying to extricate this new land--and keep it--from tyranny...   ***  pondering these thoughts by sewing on the current projects, the 365 and DWR....   finally took a break from blocks to attach the inner dark border of little squares and am pleased with the result.   only 8 blocks from being current too!   once up to date, going to sew on the next border, the lights made of 6" finished blocks.   will be anxious to tally the yardage used when top is is a photo...

so glad decided to do this sew along....and seeing it coming together fuels my quilty muse....been keeping a pile of scraps on the ironing station to use for these blocks and it is actually diminishing....good news indeed!