Saturday, March 21, 2015

spring break!

no, not lounging on some white sand beach this week--far from it!  instead, packing up and moving south.  it's a move that's been in the works for some time now, delayed only by bureaucratic reasons.  eager to get it done and get back to sewing, which has been on the back burner, except for the hawaiian.  it's a daunting task, even with my small (by comparison) amount of belongings.  easily half or more of my boxes are sewing related.  excited about the future and new experiences....until then....oh and one last thing, 3 more posts and i'll be at the 1000 mark, so once the dust settles, a giveaway will be on this space!

Friday, March 20, 2015

nick of time

our favorite seafood place opened up for the season today....nick of time too as soon it'll be too far for me to indulge.  not today, though....fried clams done to perfection, fried in batter which isn't done by everyone, and a few onion rings as a "veggie"....LOL!   just a few remaining days here, so racking up as much quality mom time as possible.  packing just about done.  tomorrow the old viking will be packed up as there won't be time to give her a workout before the move.  so excited and sad at the same time.  spring DOES arrive later today, although the real spring temps will greet me on my arrival south, but the real draw is family of course.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

week 2 no stars

this is the 2nd week i haven't--or can't--make any stars for the sew along.  the designated fabrics--chrome yellow and green calico--are packed up.  the old viking is sitting here waiting for some action but nothing so far.  will wait one more wednesday and then pack it up for the trip south.  there has been plenty of sewing action on the hawaiian, however.  now starting my 3rd round of echo quilting on the white background and looking real good.  all those facebook photos are making my fingers twitch big time.  so very anxious to have fabric to fondle and books to peruse.  for someone who normally sews every single day on something, this is a too-long hiatus.  ***  march marches on with extreme wind and blinding sunshine.  we are now 3 hours added to daylight and it is delicious; we know warmer temps will come.  thought i might wake up in oz due to the gale-like winds but no munchkins were spied so we are still in kansas i guess!  now back to the hawaiian!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

erin go bragh!

photo of an old wallhanging now buried in a box someplace, but it's festive and green on the hawaiian continues as does the packing, tho remaining unpacked items are few at this point.  yesterday was a bit of a down day due to ongoing issues from surgery in 2010.  at some point will need a redo but this time will be looking for a legally blind, one-armed surgeon as would get a better result than from the previous supposedly unimpaired surgeon....who knew?  though i have ceased sending complaint letters to both the doctor and hospital out of religious conviction reasons, the reality hasn't changed.  i don't believe in litigation and, unfortunately, too many doctors take no responsibility for their mistakes without legal action, so it's like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic--pointless.  just that some days are better than others, like everyone else...moving on....

Monday, March 16, 2015

the home stretch

after quilting on nothing else for nearly 3 solid months, have finally reached the easiest part of this project--the simple echo quilting.  took me nearly 2 weeks to quilt the first row as had to navigate all the curves and fill in little spaces that got closed in with the first row.  now it's simply mark the distance as i go and continue until the edge is reached.  the binding is all ready once the quilting is done....another month maybe?  it is really in need of a wash once the binding is on.  this has been a HUGE project but certainly well worth the time and perpetually sore fingers.  the liquid bandage helps a lot.   is it perfect?  not by a long shot   do i care?  not a whit!  do i love it?  absolutely!   ***  march weather is anything goes and we've had a bit of snow but no real inches.  mom and i are busily boxing and donating.  i think i have one more box for pans and dishes and small odds/ends and then done.  still waiting on apartment confirmation, which should come this week.  moving van is booked and only have to pick up map at AAA.  the "girls" aka trudy, old viking and phoebe are ready to roll and though i can't speak for them, i am excited to be closer to my daughter and son-in-law.  having been a new england yankee all my life, this move takes me into the south and away from horrific winters permanently!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

great bargain!

if you live locally, this item is up for sale. it is an LL Bean quilt rack, never used, had it about 10 years, hardware still in package.  style is similar to that pictured....i'll try and get an exact photo today if anyone is interested.  must sacrifice at $10 but must be picked up, cannot mail.   mine is about 4-5' long....have always lived in smallish spaces and so was never put up....feel free to email me for directions; i'm near maine mall. *** and a word to the wise...if you are thinking about adding to your stash, try packing what you already have in boxes....just saying....