Friday, December 24, 2010


can you believe it? it doesn't seem right somehow that we should get snow 2 nights in a row! but that's exactly what happened, as you can see from this shot of our parking lot yesterday morning. it wasn't much but it WAS snow. thankfully THIS morning we have no more and that little bit we got yesterday is nearly all melted. even so, i decided it was time to hang up the snowman, my little mascot for winter. isn't he cute? this came to me in a winter swap a few years ago, meticulously hand crafted. ***** today i am finally starting to bind the butterfly quilt. i finished the cross-hatch quilting earlier this morning, which was a bit more difficult than i realized. the problem is i have no large, flat surface on which to measure/mark the diagonal lines and used a TV tray table, not sufficient at all for this task. my hope is to tackle the sewing space (bedroom) to see if i can fit in a larger, flat surface for just that task--marking and ironing. ***** christmas eve day and only a couple of food prep tasks remain to be ready for our family celebration. when i was a child, christmas meant off to grandma's and the hordes of family around 2 tables. in retrospect those were idyllic days. there will be only 5 of us together this year, missing my brother, DD and DSIL, nephews and great-nephew. i wish we could all be together physically, but most certainly are in spirit. even with empty chairs, we have many blessings.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

not santa, but....

snow arrived last night. not too much, perhaps 4" at most, but it's snow nonetheless and doubt if it will melt anytime soon. ***** i am busily quilting on the butterfly quilt, now on the last blocks before i can start the binding, which is all prepped and ready to go. i'll probably spend the weekend on the binding and then next week launder and voila, another finish for the year. that will make 3 full size quilts i've hand quilted this year plus some other projects, so that's pretty good. ****** next week it's my annual "clearing the decks" organization and readying to start the new year. i'm hoping to make new curtains and spit-polish the room and, hopefully, find more space for sewing. i've also got to devise a way to have another flat surface on which to iron as I go, plus get my design wall up. i've those 20 UFOs to finish plus start some new projects as well.....always plenty of ideas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

another happy monday

why? first, no snow yet, though that may change TODAY. second, already been to the pool today so can lounge (and quilt) without regret the rest of today. third, i don't have to go anywhere NEAR the MALL this week! fourth, can't clean too much as vacuum is out of commission and waiting on a part. these in addition to being healthy, warm and with many blessings all add up to a happy monday!