Thursday, April 21, 2016

the studio is open!

at last, 8 days after landing, the final box is in the recycling dumpster and *MOST* everything has found a home.  sadly, the bulletin board was DOA but a replacement will be made at some point.  clothes are clean, folded/hung and in the closet....and yes i have plenty of sox again!  printer arrived with toner intact--after a year in storage i was impressed!   FWS foundations were printed and managed 2 block finishes yesterday....Left to right, Em (for misery no doubt) and Fanny for your viewing pleasure!

and it WAS a monumental task, all that unpacking, left to be done are things to hang on the wall and find more places to display quilty items.   big thank you to Marge at Delaware Quilters...this little tool was invaluable in my success!

this is the flathead side, the other is phillips....the larder is next on the list.  some of my herbs replaced but all other staples still waiting.  once the bookcase is arrived and organized, will post the formal photos of the new studio....sometime next week....until then keep calm and quilt on!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


add 2 more UFOs to the list....these were lurking in the bowels of a box among scraps don't ya know....

the snowman candle mat and these batik scrap star hexagons....getting put aside while the binding on the hawaiian continues.....and it's summer here in maryland!   84 yesterday and 80 today....they call it spring but in maine it doesn't get this warm until late june or july....the gals at the complex tell me to wait a bit, summer will come.   ***  the old viking is set up and was so fun this morning right after breakfast to sit and sew a bit....the transition has been smooth as silk and almost everything has a place now.   trudy is still waiting for her belt, then all the sewing gals will be mrs. goodneedle always says "life is good"!