Friday, January 6, 2017

bittersweet bargain

this week went to 2 guild meetings and at each one, the brevity of life was starkly evident.  at the first meeting, a woman brought in 2 suitcases of quilting stuff (books and fabric) from a deceased elderly lady with the promise of more suitcases to come.   at the 2nd guild meeting, large totes of bagged fabric were sent in by a quilter's husband, she who was now permanently disabled at a too-young age and will no longer quilt.  of course, like moths to a flame, the loot was examined and chosen for charity projects or personal stash.  that was the intent of the donations and i was a willing participant.  confess to feeling somewhat ghoulish, despite my own small selection, at the thought of benefiting from someone's misfortune.  not sure if others were thinking the same, but knew the day would come for me when my left behind quilting stuff would be similarly parceled out.  that thought (and the budget) kept me from accumulating more, except for one small bag of scrap pieces for far less than the price of a big mac.

lots of pretty pieces with hardly a reproduction piece in the bunch, but some nice mods and neutrals....with the scrappy DWR coming up, they'll get used and by using, will become a monument to one whose life was irreparably interrupted forever.  i hope she would have been approved.....

Thursday, January 5, 2017

round one...

of the final four corner blocks is completed.  i've included a photo of the next phase yet to be done.  it's been a busy week so done well to get this far.   the completed top is in sight and though it's tedious, at least not getting more blocks every day to add to the task...

as you can see, the next part is not simple and is no doubt time consuming.  all the while i'm doing this, muttering "no more sew alongs"....but of course that's for now. 

when the tedium is peaking, take a break and do something different....this is an official UFO now ready to baste.   it needed some stitchery and that fine nose kindly sent to me by a blogger....the pesky iron has left a stain on one of the blocks, so once it's finished, needs washing before it goes into the finish pile.  

am also quilting a new placemat for my tray table and the christmas baubles wall hanging is being quilted too...afraid i've lagged behind on bonnie hunter's mystery....up next are more doll clothes, the westering women and farmer's wife projects.....that's how my new year's starting....and yours?

Sunday, January 1, 2017

hello 2017!

without guy lombardo or dick clark, new year's eve just isn't the spent the evening binge watching 'downton abbey' and sewing of course!   have resisted resolutions (except for no long-term sew alongs!) and any major organizing yet, but have roughed out a january list of things hope to accomplish.  christmas is put away but now the apartment need a thorough once-over before getting back into the swing of my regular schedule.  my one general hope is to whittle down the stash even further and finish as much as possible, just to alleviate bags and boxes of waiting projects. ***  and the end-of-year tally for stash is a net use of 22.25 yards, so that is good indeed.  the huge 365 flimsy was not factored in that total, but did keep all my empty spools from the year and a lot of thread got used.   most of the little orange spools were new and this photo is a good indication.