Thursday, December 9, 2010

more stash!

thank you, pink panda fabrics, for sending me these luscious half-yard pieces! they arrived from our canadian neighbor just yesterday and i am simply thrilled with them! you, too, can have these beautiful fabrics, just click on over and order! if you recall, i won these in a quilting gallery recipe submission. **** we have dodged the snow bullet yet again! an hour north of us they have about 4-5 inches but we have nary a flake, simply divine in my opinion. it has been cold but, hey, it's winter. i have plenty of warm clothing. yesterday i ventured out in my new cozy jacket, plus hand-knitted hat, mittens, scarf AND socks! i took my elderly aunt out for lunch. she lives in a residential home for women and looks forward to these little jaunts. she never had children of her own but taught sunday school many years, plus she doted on all her nieces and nephews. i am happy to give her this mini-respite. **** today is the day house decorating begins. i am still quilting on the butterfly quilt, which is at the point where i am sick of looking at it. no matter, it will be a finish soon....i am determined!