Saturday, May 30, 2015

sneak peek

the pattern is an ann hermes design featured in the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting that arrived yesterday.  there was also a large quilt.  in this issue they have included directions for table toppers on a few of the projects, which is a good idea.  not sure about you but my math can definitely be fuzzy. at times!  can't recall if they had done this in previous issues or not but i give the idea a thumbs up.  am going sorta repro on this project with a real red, a brown and a cheddar print ***  another perfectly, astoundingly beautiful day....warm sun, gentle breezes, lush vistas. ***and don't forget, tomorrow summer sampler starts!

Friday, May 29, 2015

a seaside sojourn

it was a perfect june day in may, so a trip to the water seemed right.  a quick picnic was packed and eaten here at the fisherman's memorial in boothbay harbor.   directly across from the memorial was this church with a carillon that played a few hymns while communing with sun and seabreeze.   idyllic and picturesque and thoroughly peaceful!  back at the mailbox a new quilt mag arrived with a cute tabletopper idea, so fabrics were once again pulled from the box and plans swirled around the gray matter.  so blessed to have been given this gift of a wonderful day that started by putting my mind at ease about some financial stuff.   hoping you found joy in your day today as well.....

Thursday, May 28, 2015

it's that time...

first, it's that time when your thighs stick to the (wooden) chair, especially if they are a bit....let's say mine!   having some hot and humid weather for a few days. second, it's time to get some of the stars done as in playing catch up.  here you see the foulards, a printed plaid and an ombre.  others are in process on the sewing machine and will get finished soon.  once these are all done, will still be a scandalous 8 weeks behind on this sew along.  but does that stop me from joining in on another sew along?   but, nooooo!  over at temecula quilt company they are starting a summer sampler of little blocks and i am in!  thanks to my christmas box, will be able to do this one without difficulty, i hope.  i do so miss the rest of my stash and stuff a LOT, not to mention my summer clothing and swimsuit too.  and i certainly won't dwell on the fact that i was SUPPOSED to be in my apartment in maryland long before this. it's just too nice a day for any of that.  instead, will count my blessings, focus on gratitudes that include enough sleep for a change, a chance to sew, a place to hang out from the heat, a haircut, good health of course, and ever mindful of those without such blessings.  so many across every economic strata are much worse off than me today.  life is still good!