Saturday, June 15, 2013

almost done?

i wish....there are about 20 more blocks to make yet for this flimsy to be done.  it's like a giant sampler quilt, with nearly every block different AND every nearly every block a different size.  yep, a real challenge, and have to say one that is quite ENJOYable too, but in my very small space it's taking over the room.  *** up early this AM to enjoy the sun and summer air before work.  popped some lemon poppy breakfast buns in the oven very first thing!  **** the maine quilts project is just about done, doing the binding now so it'll be a finish in the next day or two.  have already started quilting another little quilt, the baskets, for another june finish maybe.  ***  i spy some beach weather in the future.....


  1. I'm glad you have enjoyed the Just Takes 2 (years) project. I'm afraid I might have become discouraged with such a lengthy project.

  2. I love the close up to see those gorgeous Civil War selections in detail. I'm goofing off watching kittens play on the deck while their Mom tries to herd cats, LOL. Eating chocolate so I'll soon have the strength to do some piecing.