Saturday, October 13, 2012


no trick here just a couple of treats found at the local library used book sale.  i know, not much value to most, but carter houck is a name from my quilting "kindergarten" days and the ruby mckim?  well, i had a copy of this book once, not sure where it got to, so i added it to my book stash once again.  in fact, i inherited an original ruby mckim leaflet from my ex's grandmother some years ago.  it is a cherished quilting momento of her and quilting days gone by.  i never knew her, of course, but i have her sewing table and the leaflet, plus some fabric and squares she made.  dear daughter has one of her quilts.  lila, you have not been forgotten, even by those you never knew.   **** trying to spend as much time as possible quilting the pinwheel.  i may get it bound before retreat time yet....gonna be close!  **** brrr, pretty cold here this AM, like below freezing; and those green mountains of vermont?  they're white!

Friday, October 12, 2012

thank you, janet!

last week janet posted a giveaway on her blog and look, my name was drawn!  how gorgeous are these lovely gifts....a pin cushion, a fall mug rug or mini quilt and some very nice handmade soaps.  i never had handmade soaps before and these are so fragrant with fall spices.  such very nice and thoughtful handmade gifts are always welcome, a sentiment shared by so many.  **** very cool and sunny day here with a possible hard freeze predicted for tonight, so the growing season is essentially over.  *** a quiet couple of days in this lake woebegone with some relaxation, quilting, few errands....and last night, a fantastic trip to cirque du soleil's "saltimbanco." 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

maine's quilt whisperer

that would be wendy reed, quilt appraiser, quilt teacher and hand quilter extroadinaire!  wendy, along with cyndi black, chairs maine's quilt documentation project.  this was her entry into maine quilts this past july..isn't it stunning?  i took a hand quilting class with wendy to (hopefully) learn her secrets and got some valuable tips that i am incorporating into my personal quilting technique.  they have made a difference and i am mulling over the prospect of making my own whole cloth. this is wallhanging size and it is just perfect i think, don't you? 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

done stripping

ok, another cross off from the list.  my red strips are cut and bagged and ready to go.  my red stash is equally christmas and civil war repros so i hope whoever gets them is "into" repro fabrics.  i usually don't include holiday fabrics in swaps.  there are a few batiks in there as well.  i would always take them back...<grin>!   ***  it's rainy/misty/cloudy/cool here on the coast.  and for lunch?  roasted brussel sprouts of course..mmmmm 

last call



i've closed a few bars in my time with the ex (what was i thinking?) so for a change made our last visit to the local veggie stand yesterday morning.  they are closing on friday.  we were able to get these fresh goodies plus 2 squash that are in the root cellar--AKA the car--until it gets a bit colder.  the apartment is way too warm to keep them inside.  the zukes are for bread, the brussel sprouts for roasting, the scallions for stir-fry and quiche, the eggplant for parmesan, the potatoes for roasting and the peppers for spaghetti sauce!  the cukes will be snacks...yumm!   while it's true i am overweight from snacky type foods, i love fresh veggies and they will be sorely missed from now until next june or so.  a few winter markets have popped up offering root veggies, locally raised meat, eggs and baked goods.  occasionally we visit one, but they are pricey and variety is limited of course.  our favorite lobster pound is also closed during the week now and seasonal businesses are boarding up.  it's like much of maine hibernates for the winter except the snow lovers.  halloween approaches with a bit of trepidation because our worst snowstorm last year was on october 31st..who would have guessed? 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

on the lookout

one of my PA chores is to track down this line of fabric, if available.  plenty of luscious repro fabrics in this line and i've been waiting for it to arrive.  my list of "needs" is made and it's short...true!  the plan is to sew for most of the retreat and keep the shopping to a minimum.  there is a lot that i want to get done sewing-wise and cavorting around retail spaces won't get it done.  i just hope i don't drool too much during my brief sojourns into fabric heaven...LOL. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

jack's back

it's that time of year again and my beloved jack is back on display from his perch in the closet.  this was made way back in the 1980s maybe, possibly late 1970s, and it's been a favorite fall decoration ever since.   familiar things like this make it feel like home no matter where i am.  **** a cool fall day here in maine.  so far i've traced some paper pieced letters for an upcoming project and also gotten some quilting done too.  got my list for the week all written out; it's going to be a busy one!  next up is get red strips prepped to swap.  no holiday for me, so off to work later.  did i mention i love this fall weather?  yep, i surely do!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

sometime project progress

progress on this sometime project, meaning it will get finished some time, is seen here.  and yes, it IS applique (see previous post) and pretty good so far i think.  only 3 more blocks to do and they do work up fairly quickly, done in odd moments inbetween other tasks.  some month in 2013 will be proclaimed "little quilt month" and i will try and finish up all the little quilts i've got so far.  ***  i dare not peek at my UFO list for i know it shall make me swoon in exasperation, for the progress thus far is not what i had hoped...whoops, slipped into my jane austen mode again!  even so, you get my drift.  the pinwheel is taking much longer than planned because i'm doing more quilting on it than originally planned.  2 more finished bed quilts this year?  i think not!  i have set aside the week between christmas and new year's for the just takes 2, realizing of course, that it probably won't be near enough time but it'll get a supreme effort anyway.   stay tuned...