Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aussie secret santa goodies

secret santa christmas swap of 2012 is history, but these are the lovely hand-made gifts that came in my Australia package.  a lovely hand-knit scarf, an embroidered book mark, 2 adorable knitted christmas ornaments and this beautiful, beaded, 1920s style bag.  all hand-crafted gifts and so very thoughtful for me who reads and loves christmas ornaments, lives in a cold climate and a pocketbook diva.  sadly, the package i sent has not been received as of yet by the recipient.  i do have proof of mailing and have contacted the post office to see if it can be located.  while i enjoy christmas swaps, i am wondering if international is wise, given the state of the postal service, or perhaps another time it'll get sent a different method.  for some reason, i frequently have issues with mail coming and going from the south portland post office.

Friday, December 28, 2012

did i say never?

in bygone quilty days, i was known to always toss waste triangles as simply being too small.  apparently my definition of "too small" has changed.  these were waste triangles from flying geese for the scrappy indigo and yes indeed, i did sew them up into tiny HSTs for some future use.  and why?  well, my frugal inner voice said it was simply wasteful to toss perfectly good $10/yard fabric.  now these are probably the smallest i would sew up as they will finish at 1" square, but they will be an ideal sawtooth border at some point.  *** and it was a super sewing day yesterday!  in addition to sewing these up, all the batik blocks got finished AND some "just takes 2" blocks got done as well.  these tasks plus 3 loads of laundry and some cross-stitch took up my entire day.  today it's dig out the car and back to "just takes 2."  tomorrow i'll show you what was in my package from will love it!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

a snowy day

and fortunately, i don't work today so not going out to battle the elements just yet.  luckily, got errands done yesterday before the storm hit.  santa brought me some gift cards and i promptly hit the local quilt emporium where there was a sale!  most items were passed by except these few batiks to finish the donation quilt.  i've nearly used up the bali pop and a few more squares were required.  aren't they gorgeous!  would you believe there was a time when batiks DIDN'T call my name?  i can't believe it either.  the rest of the gift card was spent on sweat pants, a MUST for maine winter weather.  so me and the old viking are spending quality time together until the skies clear.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

santa remembered!

he not only remembered, he enlisted 2 of his favorite (and mine) elves to respond!  this mini gooseneck lamp from ikea was under the tree.  ideal for the sewing table or anyplace else really, but especially for the sewing table.  ever since bonnie bragged about hers, i have been thinking about how good it would look in MY sewing space....and here it is!  thank you elves! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas!

the jolly old man brought us a white christmas, how good is that!  not too much snow, just enough to make it festive and to make the outside trees with lights dazzle!  we are so thankful for our many, many blessings this holiday though we miss those not with us for various reasons.  today prayers go to those traveling, the homeless or unemployed, those without hope or in distress and to our nation and its leaders.  so many needs means many opportunities to make life better for others, which many of us do already.  blessings for a joy-filled day and season!  oh, and the christmas quilt?  mom said it was super cozy! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

nick (no pun) of time

the christmas scrappy ribbons is done!  just last night put the finishing stitches into this colorful, seasonal quilt.  as you can see, it is not a huge quilt, but that's okay.  all those christmas print scraps are so delightful and memorable for me.  my dear mom will have the honor of sleeping under it for the very first time tonight, christmas eve.  so now to start quilting the next in line, which will be the autumn scrappy, a gift for someone special. *** now that christmas is just about here, it's time to pull out the "just takes 2" project to see how much can be done in the next 6 days before the new year begins.  **** as far as the batik blocks, have finished about 35 blocks and nearly used up my bali pop strips.  i want a total of 48 blocks, so i will need to supplement the bali pop with a few more fabric pieces.  then it will get a 2" plum border, be tied and sent off to bob's blankie brigade!  looking back, it's been quite a productive year, quilty-wise.  ****  last but not least, if you don't stop by tomorrow, i wish you the most blessed of holidays and bright hopes for health and prosperity for 2013!