Saturday, November 24, 2012


took this UFO to PA but never got started on it; it's a scrappy indigo quilt that i am hoping to get to the flimsy stage this month.  it will be on next year's UFO list too, but it is progress. *** also been working on some "just takes 2" squares inbetween AND quilting on the christmas ribbons scrappy too.  *** today, though, i'm concentrating on deleting all those cyber-Monday quilt shop and fabric sales.  the one that was most painful so far was from cherrywood fabrics, luscious solids that i've used before, a 2-for-1 deal on their scrap bags, that required a steely resolve to ignore.  and with a new year looming, my resolution (again!) is to ONLY shop my stash as possible in 2013. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

martha stewart not!

my daughter has long been a fan of anne taintor's calendars.  i tried getting one last year but they were sold out, gone.  so, this year i ordered it early, even before it was available, and it arrived last week.  the photos and captions in this calendar are the complete antithesis of martha's mantra(s).  for those of us who remember the 1950s, the pages bring a chuckle and not a small amount of irony.  while i don't consider myself a feminist, i do realize there are men still out there who think a woman should stay home, barefoot and pregnant.  i was never one of those women and even less so since i've been single for 28 years.  perhaps one of the reasons i've never remarried or even dated is that i'm just too independent, not an altogether bad thing. **** a wonderful thanksgiving meal with family.  our turkey just over 9 pounds so after dinner and doling out some leftovers, we have only a little left.  cut off the drums and wings prior to cooking and plopped them in the freezer for another time as we were afraid of having too much left over.  soup is all made as well.  so guess we'll be having fish for dinner very soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

counting blessings

The message of Thanksgiving is for each and every day despite world woes and personal cares and struggles. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

elf duties complete!

just returned from P.O. where this package got sent off to some quilter in Australia!  i know, doesn't look like much but there are 6 small gifts in the smaller package that i hope the recipient will enjoy.  i was mindful of the weight since it would be traveling airmail, but i sent things i would like to receive myself so i hope it works out.  now sit back and wait for the mystery girl to open it up!

another finish

another UFO can be crossed off the list; these are my rail fence placemats.  they are ideal to showcase my blueberry stoneware plates and bowls made right here in maine at union pottery.  yes, i'll use them and they will get dirty and then washed.  if they wear out, i'll make more.  almost certain i can find more fabric someplace.  **** and a pat on the back to joann's for closing their stores on Thanksgiving.  i am boycotting any store that chooses greed over celebration this holiday. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

doesn't take long

this is my new scrap basket.  the stuff that was in it went elsewhere and so quickly it has scraps!  all i did was clear off the 2 sewing tables and found them.  it joins the little bag of postage stamps and the little square basket of 2.5" squares, both leaders/enders projects.  *** already this morning working at the old viking on another UFO project.  the placemats should be finished by week's end too.  see, i don't just ADD fabric, i use it up too!

Monday, November 19, 2012

thank you victoria!

vic and i met up yesterday at a delightful little antique mall in NH for...fabric, what else?  actually, this was a vendor that vic met back at the Cocheco show in october and wanted to show me the stuff.  victoria brought me a little giftie, 2 FQs and a stiletto, wow!  i don't have one of those, have used a reasonable facsimile up to now but no longer.  i have an official stiletto!  the little mall was chock full of zillions of antiques and nostalgia items.  remember those coin banks in the shape of a globe?  yep, i had one at some point.  there are lots of lovely baskets as well, and priced very reasonably.  vic picked one up and she might even show it here.  after our retail therapy, we proceeded to newick's for a delish chowder lunch.  a table right on the water with bright sun was a real treat on a seasonably cool november day.  ***  this morning temps in the mid 20s so window scraping weather is officially here.  was up early this AM spending a few minutes clearing the sewing table off getting stuff ready for a busy week.  if i have things ready to sew, can sneak a few minutes in whenever to sew when the schedule is crammed.  so without further to the old viking!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

tis the season

saw these in a magazine recently and just had to make some up.  they are just so darn cute!  though one could hardly call making them busting stash, they will look so good on a fresh, green, maine balsam tree i think, don't you?  other patterns provided were an ohio star and a pineapple block.  they didn't take too much time--paper pieced--but are a bit fussy as i hand sewed the binding down; short, chunky fingers you know.  oh, and on the cover of that magazine?  a luscious scrappy quilt that uses 2.5" squares.  hmmm, i think i have some of those lying around.