Wednesday, May 15, 2013

new to me book

most quilting books i can live without and do so quite nicely.  many i would like to get but funds and space just don't exist for that.  my selection is vast enough to provide plenty of inspiration and that fit on my one shelf...that's my limit.  since recently i flung one book just about this size, i could add this one.  the new england quilt museum is dear to my heart.  it's a project i knew from its embryonic stages right thru to the finish.  admittedly, i was a doubter in the beginning; the project seemed so vast and unattainable, but am proud to have seen it to fruition.  this is not a new book, 14 years old in fact.  and i don't feel guilty not supporting the museum by paying retail as i am a member and support the museum in other ways.  it was practically free; the shipping cost more, but i am so glad it's now mine.  plenty of old time photos and information on mill girls and mills in lowell, a few patterns and all the luscious quilts that became the start of its collection.  i've seen some up close and personal, but now i can visit whenever i want. *** quilting the last border on the amish center diamond is now in process.  this quilt has a cotton/wool combo batt, so when it's done, it'll get put aside until cooler weather comes back.  the little swap quilt is ready to baste and quilt as well.  it's friday for me and the living is eaaaassssy!


  1. Looks like a great book, Grace. Glad you got a good deal on it.

  2. Love the butterflys on the cover. Getting a good deal on a book is a wonderful feeling, they cost so much new.