Friday, February 24, 2012

variety challenge

so here's the finished "variety" challenge little quilt.  hmm, this is the 2nd red little quilt i've made this month so far and i'm getting ready to bind my little red/white schoolhouse quilt also...that'll make 3 little red quilts i've made this month.  now, red is so NOT my favorite color but it does draw one in because of its vibrancy.  i thought after the red/cream north wind that was going to be it, but apparently not.  take heart, though, i'm also working on little baskets in civil war repros plus a host of other projects as well.  it only LOOKS like all i'm doing right now is red, but stay tuned.  ***** it's the final friday before work starts, at least for a couple of weeks.  after 2 weeks i'll be part time but to say i'm nervous wouldn't be a lie at all.  i'm going to make the most of the weekend and try and get a whole week's worth of quilting fun crammed into 2 days.  i am looking forward to doing something besides sewing for a change, though. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

a happy day

a happy birthday day, i mom is 85 today.  she's hale and hearty, still driving, just stopped working 2 years ago.  she comes from mayflower stock, long livers....meaning many on both sides of her family lived to be 100 or close, raised by elderly grandparents without a mother.  i am honored to be her eldest child and cherish each day she is part of our family.  i know my siblings share that sentiment.  with 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson, i know there will be plenty of wishes coming her way.  many happy returns, mom, and many more birthdays!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

happy birthday george!

for those of us of a certain age, this used to be a holiday because it was the birthday of the father of our country.  not so anymore and i'm wondering how many school children don't even know that today is george's real birthday (sigh)...anyway, no sewing today because it's spring in maine.  right now it's a balmy 55 degrees and the sun is shining.  just returned from a drive to stonewall kitchen to pick up a jar or two of jam; a perfect day for a leisurely sojourn down coastal route #1.  if you haven't been there, it's mostly a touristy grazing place...plenty to taste and all things kitchen related.  it's strategically located at the very first tollbooth, so that gives you an idea of what'll happen if you stop there.  and the very best news?  they have re-introduced pink grapefruit marmalade, so naturally i got a jar.  i am not a serious jam fan, but once in a while i indulge.  i used to make jam but the last time i did, most of it sat in the cupboard for years, so no longer.  1-2 jars now and then suffice. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

variety challenge

these are my squares for the challenge using jo morton's 'variety' line of fabric.  this is one of my favorite patterns.  there are 3" corner squares and also a pieced border that will get finished and added today.  i'm hoping to get this basted also.  i'm currently quilting a small UFO, so this will be next once that is completed and lopped off my list.  though i'd like to get back to piecing little baskets, there are some things i must get done before starting work next week.  ****  this weekend hoping to get both feathered star and autumn change basted.  i also need to get back to the browns/muslin project as a new set of blocks got posted last week.  **** looking forward to returning to work and being more involved in the world outside the sewing room.  all play and no work can be tedious, not to mention the all-important financial aspect.  **** the weather channel says it's going to be 53 here tomorrow...that's right, 53 degrees in maine in february.   though snow has been seen as late as april here, it just doesn't look likely at all.  the winter festival this past weekend had been postponed and even then, there was no snow and no ice.  do i care?  not a whit! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

fat tuesday flimsy

today i finally completed the "fat tuesday on orca bay" flimsy.  i still think i will bind it with the cheddar and it will be tied, not quilted...but not right away.  i have to put it on the shelf for a bit in order to get a break from looking at it for the past 4 months.  i simply don't appreciate the colors right now.  i did make a few little changes like inverting the last border and using a purple square in place of the QSTs on the end rows.  i think it gives the middle part a bit more space drawing attention to the action, which i like.  it'll be a donation quilt eventually and i'm certain whoever becomes its owner will love it just as it is....not perfect, like me...LOL!