Thursday, October 13, 2016

first peek

on the yahoo group 'stashbusters' about 5 or so years ago, put out a call for orange scraps for a (what else) orange scrappy quilt.  many squishies arrived in my mailbox and got tucked away in a basket...then life intervened...but they waited patiently for this time when they finally got to play.  this is the first peek at what i think will be a deliciously citrusy scrappy..hmm a title maybe?

these are 12.5" blocks and the pattern is from the book "modern neutrals", even though orange isn't much of a neutral--but the gray definitely is!   it was difficult to choose a pattern and this one wasn't the originally planned, but am happy with the result.   there are 36 blocks total, and when done, there will be 8 or so of the gray funky circles--sorta of a kansas dugout block with points---probably quilted with orange thread?   had hoped to have 4 blocks done for the peek so the gray pattern would be complete, but fall is very busy in maryland, a nice change from summer hibernation.   ***  printed out another batch of 365 blocks yesterday, along with 2 more farmer's wife.  and i completely forgot about 'westering women' for september that needs to be done as well.   once again bask in the delight that quilting has brought into my life. approaching my 60th year of sewing--is that possible?--with no sign of boredom or disinterest whatsoever.  thank you, my quilty peeps, for your comments, compliments and feedback and camaraderie for all this time.  i could not have become the quilter i am without the support of this community.....

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

what housework?

indeed; that's what i say too...not that the apartment is dirty, but needs some tidying, plus vacuuming and swiffering a couple of small floors, but hey, i can do that anytime, right?  after a solid night's sleep, up at 4:30 am to breakfast, read, catch the weather, followed by a short nap and then sew!  managed to complete 5 more little blocks....

and the day is still young!   so might even knock off a few more before the sandman hits town.   only a mere 16 blocks to get current, but if i can get 5 more done today, could catch up by.....monday maybe?   thursday, friday, saturday and sunday are all scheduled....making up for summer's hibernation!  ***  autumn is so gorgeous here in the mid-atlantic....and no frosty car windows yet either....and no, i don't miss maine family and fresh seafood is all...and maybe marden's?   *** speaking of shopping, visited capital quilts in nearby gaithersburg the other day...the shop has doubled in size since my first visit 5 or so years ago and they have added bigger classroom space, a longarm room, lots of fabric and another bathroom....well worth the addition for slowly finding my way around to quilty places for when i run low on fabric...LOL!

Monday, October 10, 2016

monday design wall

well, not really the wall but the latest of the 365 blocks sewn saturday while up to september 22nd and just a shade off 3 weeks to catch up....this week's project!

sunday spent at church, doing some cooking and then off to a covered dish/music evening....i never met a pot luck dinner that wasn't delish and this was no exception.   rarely go out sunday evenings as it's the best night of the week for PBS, but with Poldark on hiatus seemed like divine intervention.  having decided who gets my vote a long time ago, avoid any debates, insult-slinging, candidate bashing.  like many, wish there were better choices.....