Saturday, February 2, 2013

may day! may day!

a shoebox intervention is needed!  these are my jo morton fabrics and as you can see, the tote has shrunk!  i didn't think plastic did that, and i bet this has happened to you as well...maybe?  now there is no room for "blue variety" due in one of my fave shops very soon.  i simply can't put them in with other fabrics because there isn't room there either...LOL  seriously, i've 2-3 civil war style projects planned and it looks like i will have to put those on the front burner in order to alleviate this grave situation....and make room for the "blue variety" too, of course.  **** on another serious subject, today is ground hog day and you know what THEY say....THEY say that dried up christmas wreath should be off your door by today.  believe it or not, i have seen quite a few still adorning houses in recent travels, but no more...wreaths be gone!

Friday, February 1, 2013

on the mend...

after a few days of nonstop sleep and the previously mentioned OTC treatment, i think i am feeling somewhat better; not 100% at all but the naps have dwindled to about an hour instead of 3, which is progress.  since i couldn't sew most of the week, i flipped through quilt books and found these that i simply don't want anymore.  i'd be happy to send them to you for the cost of media mail postage but the requirement is you MUST take all 4.   just let me know if you are interested. ***** i finally got the 2nd section of "just takes 2" together; it was waiting on 1 lonely little applique block that finally got finished.  i'll show a photo sometime this coming week.  and today i started piecing little HSTs for the sashing on "christmas wishes," .....that's about it for sewing this week. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

brief time out

i confess, i am taking drugs....the over-the-counter kind, though (whew!) far this year i have managed to dodge the severe illnesses that have sidelined many.  i've OD'd on citrus fruits, taken naps, pushed fluids and washed my hands until they are raw.  yesterday, though, after a couple of days of insufficient sleep, my tummy rebelled.  i left work a bit early last night and even after extra sleep, am feeling totally zapped today.  have succumbed to pharmaceuticals that i normally avoid at all costs and am hoping for a quick rebound.  fellow sufferers, i feel your pain, but never fear... we shall overcome!    PS  GO RAVENS!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

civil war news....

i knew there was a reason i love libraries....many in fact...but the latest is this:  every day from now until april 9, 2015, you can read actual correspondence from the civil war era.  here is the link:  some of the content is disturbing of course, but it is history and quite interesting.  got a minute or two?  then pop on over and enjoy.  ****  getting close to finishing the little house little quilt flimsy; not much time to sew past week.  sleeping schedule is off kilter; i was up very early and now returning for more zzzzzzzs.....

Monday, January 28, 2013

under construction

nearly done with the little house wallhanging.  blocks are done, now i'm adding sashing and corner squares.  had i not been sidelined with a touch of a cold this weekend plus far too many errands, it would have been done by now.  my magic bullet combo of rest, fluids and citrus nearly worked, but i didn't get enough sleep over the weekend and so today the cough drops and tissues are my new BFFs.  the houses are soooo adorable!  done scrappy, not any specific fabric type, they will make a really nice little quilt for january.  so glad i didn't take the challenge of making 365 last year, i am happy with the 12 i did finish.  **** our deep freeze is relenting some and temps will be more seasonable for late january this week.  unfortunately that means we could get snow.  i haven't jettisoned the wool socks and fleece pants yet, though.  ***** and julian fellowes, what were you thinking?  our sybil?  not sure about anyone else, but i was weeping....oh yeah, i am so into this show!