Friday, November 4, 2016

first friday finish

here we are solidly on the road to thanksgiving and my first november finish!  it's a table runner, pattern by kim diehl....quilted sparsely to hold it together, busting a mere 3/4 yard of fabric in total, but it's done. i think this came from her book "simple blessings".....

it's sitting atop a small bookcase flung to me recently, along with a small end table, that completes my furniture needs for the apartment.  this is in the bedroom holding a small collection of books and a few display items.   the end table is next to my quilting chair, freeing up a tray table that can now function as the dining room, as there is no eating space per se.  all the needed things now are smallish items that will come in time.  since the bed arrived, the echo is gone and it feels like a real home---plenty of sewing space, plenty of living space....feeling very blessed!

Monday, October 31, 2016

holiday baking

some time in the last year, a blogger had links to several Christmas projects....found this called 'christmas baubles' by jen daly for the moda bakeshop.  with endless fabric combinations in the stash, started with this one....

still need to move some squares around and add borders, but so far looking good i think....already my mind is veering off to kaffe fassett fabrics?  batiks?   civil war repros?   any fabric style would work, depending on your decor and/or stash.....***  october is just about gone and, shamefully, have not finished one UFO....did bust a fair amount of fabric and basted quite a few items, so hoping november will fare better.  with the end of the year looming, plus planned finish of 2 big sew alongs, the 2017 UFO list will still be way too long.....not too many new things started this year and not very many new fabric to tempt me, which should help.  *** and a BIG thanks for those of you who commented on the previous post....

Sunday, October 30, 2016

extra! extra!

imagine, here in maryland a mere 7 months and 5 days and already making headlines!!!  well, on a small scale, that's the senior center newsletter and here is my hawaiian and the other blue ribbon winner by my fellow super quilter, emilie, pictured.  the only blue ribbons of the senior center, that is. 

unlike some quilters who start every project with visions of big ribbons and even bigger payoffs, this project was started for one reason alone...the quilting.  my fingers tingled to get to the echo quilting, with the applique part a means to the center of the tootsie pop, if you will.  will probably never ever seek another blue ribbon, though i didn't this time either...i simply wanted to show off my beautiful quilt, as i was as stunned as anyone about its beauty.  and truth is, anyone can be an excellent just takes practice and the sheer love of doing it!