Friday, March 1, 2013

happy birthday sis!

peeking out the window, it appears march has come in like a lamb, and if you see this little cutie lamb today, please wish her a happy birthday!  my only sis, born when i was 12, so there is quite a gap between us and we were not really close as children.  she probably doesn't remember all the clothes i made for her or the places i took her when she was 5 and i got my license and a 1955 chevy!  she has had her share of rough spots and lost her way for a bit, but has made so many positive changes in her life recently and is now in college!  i couldn't be more proud of her as i know what a challenge that can be.  many happy returns, love, and many more!  **** last night during quilt cam, put together the scrappy indigo blocks, cut the 2 inner borders AND am now assembling the flying geese border.  a few odd chores today and more fun sewing!  have a wonderful friday....

Thursday, February 28, 2013

thanks quiltville swappers!

a month or so ago on ebay, i was THIS close to placing a ridiculous bid for 75 batik strips.  when the bid went over what figured out to be a totally unfrugal price, i reluctantly stopped and glad i did.  the quiltville swappers had a batik strip swap and for about $5 i got 40 batik strips, which will add variety to my small stash.  can't believe there was a time when i thought the rage over batiks was completely unfounded.  haven't seen one yet that i didn't think was beautiful.  **** what is on the sewing table today?  the scrappy indigo and a quickie project sure to perk up my cube at'll see!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

happiness is....

not a warm puppy but ll bean's "slippahs" and flannel pjs...true.  after a day of struggling in the elements--snow, rain, sleet, wind--and a challenging day at work techno-wise, plus a week of not enough sleep (so far), i am so ready for these tonight!  thankfully i've got the diet pepsi stocked and a roasting chicken thawing in the fridge, plus a few good books and plenty of sewing to do.  and if you are someplace stormy, stay warm and comfy "til the storm passes over..."

shopping the stash

nothing like browsing thru the stash and coming up with terrific bundles for future projects.  the 3 fabrics on the right were gifted to me (thank you vic!) and yesterday found the other 3 to go along with them.  not sure yet which pattern will be selected, but it'll be gorgeous.  i also have the stack of dargate indigos that need a project, and because of the variety i have, thinking of something with a lot of little HSTs like the tree of life block or similar.  **** hoping it's raindrops and not snowflakes we'll be dodging today and tomorrow.  gotta go....the old viking is getting restless

Monday, February 25, 2013

baskets r done...

not sure if they will be moved around or not, but this gives you an idea of how they will be set.  my design wall leaves a LOT to be desired, but it works and i think they are just adorable!  have to keep my mind off this terrible snow and any we might get this week....gee whiz, winter is hanging on like a frigid leech!  today also pinned the indigo squares together and tomorrow maybe start on the borders.  *** no, i didn't get to the batik/plum but that is next on my list.  that and finishing the autumn change are my MUST finish by end of march.  my UFO list is getting longer...not shorter...oh no, as mr. bill says!  wow, do i like those civil war fabrics!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


in the course of any year, i take few workshops and from those, even fewer result in fully completed projects when the workshop is over.  today was a delightful exception!  my mondo  bag is all done, yes done!  already thinking of using it when spring and summer breezes finally arrive.  judging from today's weather, it won't be anytime soon.  with phoebe back in her little corner after a busy day's work, it's back to the old viking for more work on scrappy indigo.  but after a harrowing weather day, it's a hot shower, flannel jammies and a funny book....garrison keillor's "guy noir and the straight skinny".....a laugh-out-loud adventure.