Friday, February 10, 2017

thrifty switch

in the interests of keeping stash visible and handy without investing in more storage, decided to repurpose this organic spinach container.  as you can see, the inchie scraps had way outgrown my little fabric basket and this way, can access them easier and quicker for leader/ender sewing fun!

another repurposed container holds a small project in's been a challenging month...first mobility issues with right leg that affected my pedal foot too.  after xrays and starting PT, happy to say nearly back 100%.....just in time for a particularly vicious roaring bronchitis which, i believe, was brought on by the nasty little smokers in the building who smoke in their apartments evenings and weekends...not to mention those little old ladies who overdose on perfume and air fresheners.  i thought the 5th floor would provide plenty of fresh air but so far been disappointed....and then there is that OTHER issue....ongoing problems with surgery from 2010.   had i only broken a mirror, would now be enjoying relief, but since had the misfortune to put my bodily functions into the hands of one who must have gotten her medical license at K-mart, am still dealing with those annoying and often painful issues.  thankfully can modify my schedule when need be since i seem to be officially retired from regular work.  *** even with these intrusions, happy and grateful to have a home and a place where i can be sick and sloppy without interference.  even though our weather isn't winter-like at all, the thought of homeless people in severe winter conditions reminds me how blessed i am.....