Saturday, July 23, 2011

respectable progress

not bad, i think.  each stack is another row and the stack in the top row extreme right are half units ready to be sewn together.  the best part of this is that my elfa drawer of white and WOW scraps is getting used up big time.  there are times i use plain white fabric, but the big problem is that most of them are different whites, meaning they don't match so each project requires buying enough plain white to finish and i end up with a myriad of pieces that don't match, so they can't be used in a gift project or such.  thus, i decided to throw matchy/matchy to the wind and use them all up in one quilt, if i could.  this quilt is for me to use and i like the serendipitous quality of scrap quilts....this one is scrappier than most!  i will, however, probably have enough white and WOW scraps left over for another serendipity quilt. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

mission accomplished

did manage to finish this little flimsy last night.  spent most of the day on the christmas scrappy, cutting out more pieces the old fashioned way, with scissors.  today i hope to assemble some strips to see exactly how many more i need to finish this top.  then, there's a tablerunner to be basted.  i also finished another blue cheese unit and started appliqueing the dresden plates.  hoping by sunday/ monday it will have cooled off enough in the evening to do some quilting on the lovers' links quilt, as it's a gift and must be done by fall.  i do have another small piece on my official UFO list and might try and get that one done as i've shamelessly started several small projects THIS year and just might be on next year's list (sigh).  next up should be the red/cream north wind, a long-time UFO.  why you ask?  well, the first time i used the wondercut ruler was on this piece and misread the instructions, so the HSTs ended up a smaller than i wanted.  instead of 10" squares, i have 8" squares (eeek) so i've procrastinated big time on this....but no longer as i really must get this flimsy done once and for all. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

early morning stashbusting

what's a girl to do when she wakes early and feels productive?  why, bust stash of course!  i was up at 5:30 am and after a couple of necessary tasks, sat down at the old viking in my pjs and started busting this stash of 3.5" squares i had cut previously.  yes, these are leftovers from the pink pinwheel and there were enough leftovers to make another smaller quilt.  not fancy, only squares, but the fabric is gorgeous enough to kick this simple pattern up a few notches.  i still had some small pieces left over that will end up as strips.  ***** also today i hope to work more on the christmas scrappy.  the quilt calls for 21 strips of 12 sections, and right now i think i have enough units for 10 rows, which is about half way.  up until now i've used christmas scraps but next i will have to cut into some of the 1/4 yard pieces i have.  i started this quilt to bust white and WOW scraps i had and i'm happy to say the "whites" drawer is showing a serious dent that will only increase with the finish of this top.  these tasks are great for being shut up in the a/c!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

so far this week

despite the heat, so far this week i've gotten quite a bit done quilty-wise.  i basted 13 little dresden plates onto background squares.  i assembled all these christmas scrappy pieces, about 30 completed units and these 3 stacks of half-units.  i also basted the red/white schoolhouse and the moda wreath wallhangings.  today you ask?  well, work on christmas scrappy of course and cut some 2" squares for the "blue cheese" piece.  i've a few driving errands to do as well.   a few more days and i can open the window again, i hope. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

a dangerous pattern

if you read the lists on the left side of the blog, you will see an ominous sign....i've completed 8 UFOs this year and started 9 others, yes 9.  my impromptu math skills leave a LOT to be desired, but in my book i'm running at a deficit here in terms of completing projects.  there is one redeeming factor here; the 9 new projects are all SMALL projects, meaning i could finish them in a week if i wanted to.   that is real progress, i think. ***** on a blistering hot sunday, i did get the scrappy units to the left chain pieced.  today they will get ironed and sewn into finished units for the christmas scrappy.  from here on out, i won't assemble rows until all units are pieced so all one fabric doesn't get clumped together on the quilt itself.   i also hope to baste the red/white schoolhouse and maybe a couple of other small flimsies that are lying around. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

introducing miss paige

here is the little cutie that now owns the pink pinwheel quilt...isn't she simply adorable?  her lucky parents get to have all that fun.  makes me quite wistful wishing i could too, but then i remember how time consuming these little people are and it would seriously hinder my quilty fun big time.  even so, i think i could be a grandma at some point without any difficulty at all! 

old viking fun

on friday, the old viking and i spent some quality time together and i rustled up these little dresden plates for a small quilt.  many thanks to donna who swapped with me so i get a lavendar and a yellow 30s piece as i had none.   today i'm working on the christmas scrappy again and also planning to (shamelessly) start another small piece.  ah, tis a sickness you know, but with all this fabric, it's impossible not to want to play!  the apartment next to my bedroom is now vacant, which means i can sew in the early AM.  i used to wait until about 9 am before cranking up the old viking.  now if i could just have that space too....