Friday, August 28, 2015

a finestkind birthday day

the day dawned sunny and clear....up early and off to the shore for a surfside selfie.....tide nearly in and nice suit is packed in a box someplace but it was delightful nonetheless.  mom had bought me a beach chair stand-in for my birthday so we could lounge in the up...

some stand shopping to replenish our supply of fresh veggies....corn, beans, cukes, tomatoes, potatoes, basil, summer squash, eggplant and peppers...corn fritters tonight maybe?  and then....

some shack snacking on delish fried clams with a homemade tartar sauce....mmm, good!  this is our go-to seafood place mostly, though we have others, as they do fry their clams in batter.  red's eats is another, but waiting in line for an hour in the hot sun wasn't our idea of fun.  then a stop at the lobsterman's garage to bring some home and a quick run into joann's for sale stuff.  long stretch of good weather just right for some outdoor time.  lastly, a surprise visit from brother #1 and a small cake ended this birthday on just the right note!  spent every minute of this day having fun!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

i took the pledge...

this sew along has exploded with now 1900+ enrollees, some of whom have jumped the gun and started their blocks...not me, and so i decided to commit and NOT start my blocks until it's time.  yes, i have fondled my book and CD, yes i have downloaded the patterns, yes i have my foundation papers at the ready, yes i have some mod fabrics set to go, but with things still in flux a bit, don't want to have another project in progress that might be waylaid somehow.  thinking positive thoughts that i WILL be in an apartment before this starts with ALL my stash at the meantime, will keep on keeping on until that wonderful day off for some birthday gallivanting!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

done minus one

one more row of gold blocks to add and it'll be a real flimsy...course, going back to the instructions and adjusting the length of the rows really helped a lot.   the last row plus this week's stars in turkey red are next up on my sewing list.  after a quick trip to joann's for some fleece, will baste the little heart piece that will become a small wallhanging for my new sewing space; have some vintage buttons that'll be used for embellishment.  ***  our overcast and humid weather ends overnight with several days of real nice summer days ahead.  before we know it, though, leaves will start to turn and fall, ushering in the most colorful season.  can't wait to see those pumpkins!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

not quite but.....

a sort of birthday surprise arrived in the mailbox.  and yes, a new keyboard is working great!  no more lisp, as lori says....LOL....but here is the haul....gorgeous moda fabric named after me..a layer cake and some stripe yardage; 2 wonderful books that have my fingers itching big time, some precut charms and small squares, some ultra-thin pins for this not-thin-at-all sewist, and the beautiful card with a lovely personal message inside.  totally gobsmacked over this and other surprises that have done much to keep my mojo going and spirits up. 

the charms are deliciously mod and colorful.  the moda "grace" is very vintage looking; in fact, someone had gifted me a jelly roll that i sewed up into a small flimsy, but can use these to make it larger and put on a swanky striped border too!  the books are sooo inspiring with lots of wonderful and new-to-me patterns that have me wanting to sew right now and, in fact, have chosen a couple to do right away after some birthday celebrating of course!  a thousand thanks to one and all, including this special quilty muse, for everything.  rest assured, it will be repaid in kind.  ***  the ugh hazy, hot and humid days are with us temporarily but we carry on as usual. the wait continues but enjoying the garden's bounty and summer activities nevertheless.  *** and would you believe over 1800 people in the farmer's wife sew-along?  i kid you not, over 1800....this is an event of epic global proportion...if only world problems could be solved so easily with fabric and thread.  now there is a birthday wish to dream on!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

sunday creativity

first is the summer sam*ler in *rogress....*ardon the broken * is larger than i had thought because, of course, i ignored the math when starting this little summer sewing fun.  no matter, it will find a home somewhere with somebody; if it is me that is ok too.   this was a really fun summer *roject.  ho*ing to get it done before end of se*tember rolls around and the farmers wife sewalong starts.  as for the stars in a time war*, i ski**ed this weeks faded cottons and none i wanted to bleach out either. 

then, made some lemon zucchini bread.  it calls for a lemon glaze but it is too sweet glazed, so it wont be.  it is very moist and nice for midmorning snack or even a dessert-like cake.   these days i seldom bake a lot, but there are a few things i really like and this is one of them; regular zucchini bread--the s*icy kind--is another.  it was a monsoon-like day here today; in fact, it has been a rainy summer overall but end of week looks very nice.  maybe some birthday lobster is in my future?  remains to be any rate, birthday or not, am very blessed to have another year to claim!   now, on to monday!