Saturday, May 26, 2012

just takes 2 progress

ok, so 2 of them are easy peasy; no matter, it's 4 more that are done, done, done!  i'm still far behind but this is a long-term project so one of these days no doubt i'll sit down for a day or two and maybe get caught up?  **** in the meantime, i'm just about done with a christmas tablerunner UFO, just the binding to be done.  i also finished a pincushion started for myself some time ago, a rather large hexagon with embroidery....will post the photo later.  ****  it's a hot summer day and i'm finishing up laundry and other misc chores.  yesterday we got our beach pass for the summer, so we are good to go anytime we want.  it isn't that there aren't free beaches in the area--plenty, but ours has a bath house, snack bar, outside shower and great parking, worth way more than the piddling amount we paid. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

a fine feathered finish

dipped, washed and dry now and ready to fly away to dear daughter and her dear hubby....a bit late for the anniversary but will be welcome, no doubt.  don't you just love those feathers in the corner squares?  i certainly do.  in the small squares are amish pumpkin seeds and in the triangles a celtic-type design.  the diamonds and triangles are all quilted 1/4 in from the seam (not the white triangles).  and i simply love that focus fabric.  the third choice was really the charm.  it's so very true, the quilting really makes it a quilt....even if it's a wallhanging.  i'm already busy quilting the next finish, a christmas tablerunner. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

won't be long now...

before i'll be walking along this touristy boulevard, fondling fabric and soaking up the local ambience.  got my 'take it' list made and keeping phoebe in fine stitching form.  i am not wishing my life or my summer away, just a tad excited for this well-deserved quilty vacation.  this is what i had hoped for in my post-mothering days, it just got delayed a bit due to my own life circumstances.  though sometimes i get a bit wistful seeing happy couples, i am quite content and happy as a single these past nearly 30 years.  it's the way my life should be.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

just in case....

you think time stands still, it doesn't.  and if you recognize the little girl on the far left in this photo, then you should know today's her birthday and she is....67; that's right, little kitten anderson is a senior citizen.  of course, i am also so all of us who are, are in good company. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

ready to go!

swap goodies are done and ready to get mailed south of here someplace...why?  this is maine and most everywhere IS south of here.  a pincushion, a potholder and some jo morton's shirtings, what's not to like?  **** on a sadder note, it's time to put away the flannels for good.  early this morning it was nearly 60 degrees and even with the windows open, it's just too warm for them.  i love how comfy they are but time for summer jammies.  **** i also got the sleeve sewn on the feathered star, now to dunk in cold water and remove the quilting lines.  and the work on JT2 goes on, and on, and on.....

Sunday, May 20, 2012

inchie update

for my leaders/enders i am using these inchies assembled into 16" squares.  i recently found a pattern with inchie squares that has a border made up of inchie lights.  safe to say i won't be incorporating these into the blocks any longer...still a long way to the finish on this project but it's thread that isn't going into the trash!