Wednesday, December 5, 2012

so, what's black & white,

black & white, black & white, black & white, not a nun falling down the stairs but black & white swap strips!  yes, they arrived in my little post box yesterday and aren't they gorgeous!  thank you to the swappers at quiltville swappers yahoo group!  i see them with lots of bright colors like cheddar and green and blue and pink and, well you get the idea.  and since these are swaps, there is no addition to the stash whatsoever.   

handwork project

no, not ANOTHER new project, rather one that has been in the works for some time.  since it's being hand sewn, not enough progress to show until now.  this is a gift quilt that will have alternating pieced and blank squares...for the quilting of course!   and since i am trying to use up some of the cherrywood scraps, there is the occasional un-matchy piece included (see purple square).  *** though many think maine is such an idyllic place (mostly tourists or those who have only seen the LL Bean commercials), for me it has been like living under a ladder, with a black cat or broken mirrors nearly every day.  what with too much healthcare that has bordered on benign neglect and hordes of indifferent, indignant healthcare employers, plus the feeling of general imprisonment, it is hardly vacationland to me.  true, it is a beautiful place but when i lived in the city, though i was often alone, i never felt as lonely and isolated as i do here.  it's because i was home, you know, and now i'm not.  whether or not it will be my home again is anyone's guess, or maybe i will find a new home.  i know, though, it won't be maine.   stay tuned.... 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


looks like i collected a few too many scrappy indigos.  some will go into the civil war repros stash and the others back in the regular blue stash; some will go to a scrappy binding too.  i love scrappy quilts but in order to have a real nice scrappy, a large selection of fabrics is a must.  it is a challenge!  the square-in-a-square units are done and now working on the flying geese units that encircle the squares.  and you won't believe what i am saving....waste triangles!  my frugal gene is in overdrive and i keep hearing the scrap savers' mantra over and over about little scraps being the same price as yardage, so my conscience just won't let me toss them out.  **** spent some time quilting the christmas ribbons too, so it's coming along nicely.  hoping i can squeeze 2 more finishes out of december.....

Monday, December 3, 2012

super sewing sunday

wow, so much done for a one-day blitz!  after the last hem on the ottoman cover, finished all the little patchwork ornaments and finished all but 2 of the scrappy indigo square-in-a-square units.  also went through a large food bag stuffed with selvedges and trimmed them up.  i also got some santa sewing done and remember those red repro applique blocks?  got them assembled into a flimsy.  it was a no laundry, vacuuming or cooking day, just plain sewing.  after venturing out first thing for a bit of exercise, it was just me and the old viking all day bonnie and her quilt cam!  a most relaxing, enjoyable and productive day indeed. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

non-quilty finish

not the greatest photo but this is the ottoman cover completed.  hardly a professional job--no cording or pleats at the corners--but a HUGE difference from the previous second-hand condition.  the futon chair cover is cranberry so this goes perfectly.  i guesstimated at buying the fabric with 2 yards, so not enough left to even make the cording for around the top.  it goes well with the blue carpet as well.  with this out of the way, i can return my focus to quilty UFOs and sewing.  **** we have a bit of snow on the ground but temps are going up to 50 tomorrow, so bye-bye first snow.  me, i have other dreams instead of a white christmas regardless of how festive and quaint it might be, not the least of which is "blue variety" coming this spring.