Saturday, May 5, 2012


Re: my quilting thread survey.  Although I stated all threads I tried were 40 wt, in fact that is not the case.  On closer inspection, the Aurifil is a 28 wt thread and the Coats & Clark is a 22 wt thread.  Maybe that is why I don't like it...too thick.  And even though the King Tut IS a 40 wt thread, there is only a barely discernible difference in the weight of that when compared to the Aurifil.  In the end, it all comes down to the ease of use, not price or weight.  I do prefer the Aurifil but will use all the brands I currently have and my guess is nobody would know the difference.  And even though I need to be thrifty, I quilt for enjoyment, period. 

Friday, May 4, 2012


not wanting to toss some solid waste triangles, i repurposed them into QSTs or quarter square triangles.  they need squaring up but will make a great mini-amish quilt at some point.  now i can start on the scrap squares on the right!  many of the solid scraps came from the cherrywood scrap bags from which i already cut a few projects (the honeycomb for one) and although the scrap bags were reasonably priced, cherrywood yardage is pricey, so i want to be sure and use up every square inch possible.  these pre-assembled units make it simple to make mini quilts in record time, but even if they don't get used, no doubt somebody out there in quilt blog land could use them.  **** another gray and dreary day here in coastal maine.  we are getting april weather in may!  this after getting may weather in march.  no matter, anything but snow.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

the winner!

maybe you knew already but the best quilting thread in this little group is the aurifil.  i found it to be just a tad stronger than the other 2 favorites--king tut and mettler.  the glazed coats and clark is strongest because of the glazing, but i knew it would be the least favorite when the testing began.  these are all good quality quilting threads and i'll use them all, of course.  but if i had to buy another spool, i'd go for the aurifil.  so, this year at maine quilts i'll invest in a spool or two of natural color for quilts where i use muslin or the little reproduction quilts.  **** been busy quilting on the feathered star which is about 2/3 complete at this point.  the binding is all prepped and ready for what should be a may finish.  and i'm ignoring the desire to start a couple more small least for today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ocean waves

so, 2 waves are done so far.  there is no deadline on this project.  i just wanted to see how it was going to turn out so i whipped up these.  it also gives me a better idea of how many triangles i will need.  it's quite possible this will use up a significant portion of my solids stash but it remains to be seen.  these are fairly large compared to a lot of ocean waves i've seen but no matter.  it was a pattern on my wish list and my quilts are made with hand quilting in mind.  the background is charcoal kona solid, a world of difference from black and much easier on the eyes.  **** an important birthday in our family yesterday, my mother's great-aunt turned 99!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 for 3

today 3 new blocks were posted for just takes 2 but no matter, i got 3 does that make me even?  well, at least i'm not any further behind.  if i can get 2 more done tomorrow, then i'll be ahead a bit more.  and i also worked on another UFO today; will show pictures later.  **** it was a dreary, dismal, downright dowdy day with heavy rain....we got our april showers in may!   just returned home from work, so one more day and i'll have a break.  i've a pincushion to finish, more of JT2 and the UFO and maybe some quilting on the feathered star.  **** the soft tissue discomfort from my fall last week has nearly dissipated.   oh, and my new hancock's of paducah catalog came my list made already; so many, many gorgeous new fabrics.....i was simply swooning over them!

a tuesday test

here we have 4 "name brand" spools of quilting thread.  i hand quilt exclusively, so i have a small stash of this on hand always.  these all happen to be white.  from left to right:  aurifil, mettler, coats & clark and king tut.  these are all cotton 40 wt threads.  i have tried all except the aurifil, which gets tested today.  which one will be my fave?  so far i'd have to say the king tut EXCEPT it can be difficult to thread.  the coats & clark is a glazed cotton making is easier to thread but i don't like the feel of the glazing.  the mettler was my hands' down favorite until i tried the king glazing and nice result.  i do have a few spools of el cheapo quilting thread on hand that are glazed, but these are used for basting only and get tossed as i proceed in the quilting.  it's the kind of thread that walmart might sell for 59 cents or so.  no doubt you'll be on pins and needles (no pun) until i post the final result tomorrow or sometime this week.  of course, whichever is chosen the best doesn't mean i'll toss the others--too pricey to casually discard.  they will all get used up and then i'll stock only my favorite.  i can tell you now, though, it won't be the glazed coats & clark. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

3 guesses

where i'm off to this morning.  i am embarrassingly late in sending out things to people; they ARE coming and i thank you for your patience.  ****  sunday sewing?  well, nearly finished a pincushion for an upcoming swap.  worked on just takes 2 (1 block all finished, 2 more just about) and quilted on the feathered star quite a bit.  tomorrow more blocks will be posted for JT2 and i am going to make an herculean effort to get caught up on this project before any more are posted, if at all possible.  ***** it is nippy here in coastal maine this morning, mid 30s for temps; heard of a hard freeze some places but it sure doesn't feel like spring or even may 1 here today....yet!  still favoring my chest/shoulder/elbow/wrist area a bit from last week's fall.  the ibuprofen is terrific, allowing me to continue sewing without interruption. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

those pesky fates

they never quit, do they?  now that i am finally employed--albeit in a much lower capacity than i should be--my daughter is subject to their antics.  why don't they pick on somebody else for a change?  we have both worked very hard in our lives to achieve some education, have a career and a normal life but it has been a horribly tough road and near impossible for both of us.  it was always rough but our efforts usually paid off; that was before "the house" was snatched away from us and we began our drifting lives.  i hope i never meet up with these nefarious fates for they will surely suffer...yes i know, that's revenge talking and in my flawed human-ness it's what i want, what we all want get even, to settle the score, an eye for an eye, tit for tat.  after all, that would be justified, wouldn't it?  i forget that isn't what God wants from me or anybody else, forget on a daily basis.  i've been wronged, now my daughter has been wronged and is suffering, which affects her husband and their lives.  it isn't fair and i know life isn't fair; doesn't mean i have to like it for a nanosecond.  i say pox on those fates, and hope God isn't listening.