Saturday, August 1, 2015

a lovely surprise....

from vic in free or die NH (license plate motto)....a very nice and unexpected squishy jamming my po box.  vic and i share fabric DNA, same as busy thimble, meaning we drool over the same ones...LOL!  and even one of those nearly extinct pillar!  to say i am touched is an understatement.....the care packages received have done wonders for my morale and kept me busy washing, cutting and sewing up a storm.  and having a place to sew?  priceless.. saying thanks seems so inadequate as they have all meant so much to me.  ***  it's the weekend but no real plans in the works except sewing of course....and welcome august, harbinger of autumn and overflowing farm stands.....i love 'em!

Friday, July 31, 2015

so darn cute!

here are the latest summer sampler blocks....gotta say i am lovin these cute little if you know me, you know that i am not a world class machine piecer....there has been a lot of improvement in this technique over the years and think these have come together pretty well.  pictured also is the background/sashing fabric i'll be using on this little sampler.  it's a paula barnes civil war dark blue with a hint of gold so just right for these red/gold that august is here, don't imagine there are too many more weeks...maybe one?  i thought i counted 36 blocks all together....this has been one fun sew-along, just like the little alphabet piece earlier this year.

hoping you can see the pretty reds and golds i've used.   the graphics card on my laptop is on life support and everything is in shades of purple, so difficult for me to know if the colors are right.  and did i say "year" earlier?   unbelievable that august is here....summer winding down, not  many UFO finishes at all with several new ones for next year and no retreat for me this year.  it's been a whopper of a messy one so far, but still enjoyable....well, mostly....and far better than many i'd guess.  many gratitudes and blessings so far....excited about those to come!  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


today's short stack....

had to channel my inner civil war woman while making the green/red block....the green was a gift but alas!  not quite big enough for all block pieces....what would civil war woman do?  run to the nearest shop and buy more?  choose another fabric?  i think she would have dug into her stash and pulled out something that would complement the green chintz, which is a stunning print i think.  no way was this little piece getting left behind for some other scrappy the beginning of my quilty life, it's true that yardage was what came home with me; matchy-matchy was my BFF....but now that i have left the dark side (almost) and come into the light of serendipity scrap sewing, would rather shop my own stash first if possible and improvise if need be.  it's actually more fun, too!   ***   summer heat is on here like in most of the country.   we are only a few hours away from dog days of august.  in a couple of weeks it will actually begin to feel a bit like fall with cooler/drier days here and there.  hot days won't be gone completely, but the tilt will be noticeable.  but now it's a few errands and back to phoebe...summer sampler blocks await.   and this week's star print? oh lapis blue, where are you?  

Monday, July 27, 2015

a plan!

been working on these little bow tie blocks for some time now, originally started to use up scraps  (i hear that snickering....) but as often happens, probably have MORE solids now than when i started.  as i've been sewing them up, wondering how to actually use them in one or more projects and have finally formulated a plan.  first, will sew them together in blocks of 25 ties; then set them off with 2" sashing...probably charcoal or black....with scrappy solid 4-patch corner squares(or maybe little bow tie blocks?)...can you picture it?  will need 300 little bow tie blocks....most of which are in a box someplace, so for now will only sew rows together to get a good mix later.  have sketched it out and put the paper in the busy box as inspiration.  anxious to see the flimsy together which'll happen once all blocks are in one place...LOL!  feeling relieved now that there is a plan in place.  they are still homeless like me for now, but soon we'll be together.....won't that be fun?  **** now there are 10, meaning while i had 6 blocks to catch up for the summer sampler, 4 more posted today makes it 10.  this must be my task this week, to get all or most of these done.  have roughed out diagrams and written down how many of what size/color to cut for the will tackle the 4 new ones from today.  already have my fabrics together--reds, golds and some kona snow--will make a good project for later in the week when triple-H weather arrives--hazy/hot/humid.  another plan!  what are YOUR plans for today/this week?