Saturday, September 24, 2011

benefits of stash

having a stash of fabric at the ready is a real benefit when luscious magazines like this arrive.  i don't buy many magazines, but this one came recommended.  there are some really beautiful quilts inside and don't you know, i found 2 i want to make!  years ago i collected a few vintage indigo fabrics and have added to them from time to time.  i also purchased 10 yards of kona white to have "on hand" when needed.  my fabric karma was working overtime because when the magazine came, i saw a traditional type scrappy and thought, where are those indigo fabrics?  and do i want white or muslin and remembered the kona white....voila!  another project!  no rush on this one of course, i'm busy trying to finish a bed-size right now, but soon i'll be busting more of my great is that?  

Friday, September 23, 2011

seasonal sewing

with winter not that far away, time to do a little preparation.  yesterday i pulled out a hunk of flannel and whipped up a pair of flannel lounge pants.  i have one other pair and this will give me an extra.  ***** years ago my sister gave me a pair of flannel pajamas for christmas.  the pants got worn to shreds but not the top as i hate button tops; i tend to wake up during the night and they are unbuttoned and the "girls" are cold...LOL!  anyway, i found it recently and decided to remove the buttons and just sew up the top so i can wear it now.  it'll be cozy to wear in the evening or after coming in out of a storm.  **** also had time for more quilting on the lovers' links and sewing of the red/cream. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

wed night sewing

first off, what do you think about this color combo?  i was watching a free episode of "why quilts matter" on alex/ricky "the quilt show" and saw an amish quilt in the background, maybe trip around the world, in this combo.  i rushed to the stash and pulled these to photograph; that's cheddar on the bottom of course; i might have left out one, not sure, definitely food for thought.  looks like a sunflower group to me!  ***** on the right is my stack of red/cream northwind blocks.  i've got 5 rows put together, this stack is another 5 rows, so only 4 more rows to make, total of 32 blocks.  the completed flimsy is in sight!  ***** i also spent some time quilting the lovers' links last night also.  with another week until october, i might just get it all quilted by then.  we're having a stretch of rainy/cool weather, so it's quite possible.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

scrap book giveaway

janet over at rogue quilter has a terrific giveaway, new book by Lynn Roddy Brown with some luscious scrap patterns and ideas.....hop on over and leave a comment and you just might win!

back to red and cream

today after some necessary household chores, i sat down at the old viking to work on red/cream blocks.  tonight i'll square them up and maybe get more rows together to add to the partial flimsy done so far.  not much work on this project in the last week or so partly because i've been hand quilting the lovers' links and partly because my room was a bit disorganized and needed vacuuming.  no vacuum bags, so had to get bags and finally today it got vacuumed.  i hate to work in a messy environment.  yes, it's a bit cluttered while i'm sewing, but it has to be neat before i can start sewing.  i also had a few things on the sewing table that needed attention.  the planets aligned today and all the necessary stuff got done and could sew again!  **** i've gone back to exercising on a regular basis and it's been an adjustment; exhilarating but an adjustment.  i hope i can keep it up.  so far i've lost 8 pounds of the 20 i wanted to drop before thanksgiving. ***** it's such a nice day today i had hoped to grill out and use up our bag of charcoal but alas, it's really too windy.  rain is predicted for the next few days but maybe on the weekend we can enjoy grilled burgers again before cold weather.

Monday, September 19, 2011

trunk show success

my little trunk show at the women's residential home went pretty well.  i had one HUGE suitcase of quilts and a large tote bag (the ricky tims one) as well.  i brought a few unfinished items, such as the hawaiian, the amish center diamond and the red/cream northwind.  there are less than 20 women who live at this home and some were out but most came and seemed to have an enjoyable morning.  i brought along dessert of apple crisp; i had been invited for lunch when the show was booked.  many of these women have done needlework in their lifetime but no longer for various reasons.  i was back at my apartment, which is about one hour south, at 3:30 pm, left at 8:30 am this morning.  a long day for a change.  ***** most of the vertigo has subsided, which is a real blessing indeed.  after a good night's rest, i can get back to sewing projects tomorrow. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


flipped over the calendar page today and this is the pattern, "geese in flight," so apropos because early this morning i heard a flock of canadian geese honking while they flew on by.  you think they can read?  naw.....but i do love this little perpetual calendar.  there are some great scrappy patterns i'd like to make someday.  ***** spent most of yesterday quilting on the lovers' links and i've got sore fingers as proof.  by the time my quilter's callouses have developed, the quilt will probably be done.  ***** just popped a huge pan of apple crisp into the oven.  makes the apartment smell sooo homey.  it's majorie standish's recipe so it'll be yummy for certain! **** today?  more quilting on the lovers' links, maybe some machine time also and read my sunday paper at a leisurely pace.  busy week ahead and october is looming, can you believe it?  as of oct 4th i'll be unemployed a whole year this time around.  maine truly is vacationland....has been for me anyway.