Saturday, April 21, 2012

retreat progress

friday i retreated with the stashbusters and finished all 18 of my "amish in the city" blocks.  this pattern came from a book called "city quilter" by cherri house....lots of very nice geometric designs in this book.  these will be set on point with black setting triangles that i have yet to cut, plus a couple of narrow borders.  i'm thinking an overall quilting pattern on this one, perhaps bonnie's famous baptist fans?  ***** i've now cut fabrics for 2 amish tops (this and the honeycomb) and my elfa drawer of solids is still jam packed full.  it is always surprising how little fabric scrap quilt tops actually bust!  **** yesterday i also printed off the remaining patterns (so far) for my "just takes 2" project of civil war brown prints/muslin.  and my 2 swaps are ready to mail as well, so all caught up there.  all in all, a very productive and enjoyable day! 

Friday, April 20, 2012

blue cheese flimsy

this lounged around while i decided whether or not it should be bigger, finished off, etc.  it finally spoke to me and so i added these 2 narrow it's a flimsy!  i haven't given up making bed-size quilts, but it's quite fun making lots of little quilts.  i get to play with lots of color combinations, patterns and ideas without having a stack of unfinished big quilts.  and naturally, they get finished quicker too.  these little HSTs finish at 1" and it wasn't THAT long ago when i would NEVER have made anything that small.  but, bonnie hunter has made me see the light and the EZ angle ruler, which makes these little squares oh so easy!  **** it's stashbuster retreat weekend, so i'm off to get started!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

this is done!

took advantage of the early quiet hours to finish cutting out these hexagons for the amish honeycomb quilt top, total of 202.  some have already had the edges turned/basted but not many.  there are a lot of cherrywood scraps left over, so will need to use them up in small quilts.  what else did i do?  shortened a pair of summer slacks, did some quilting, did some i can sit down and sew! **** and i decided, the ulmer frame is back on my wish list. 

waiting on daylight

up early this AM and eager to sew, but in deference to the people next door (their bedroom is on the other side of the wall) i will wait until a decent hour.  am in mourning for dick clark, of course, as are many others of my era no doubt.  i started watching "american bandstand" when i was 8 or 9 years old; it was black and white then of course.  he was a giant, could always count on quality entertainment if it had the words "dick clark production" in the credits.  wondering how many of the old philly gang who were bandstand regulars are still around.  there was even a magazine devoted to the bandstand regulars in the 1960s.  **** my work schedule has been tweaked a bit, which should give me more daylight sewing time, plus i'll have a weekend day off as well.  ***** and i see blogspot has rolled out its new format, for posting at any rate.  off to get breakfast and do some nonsewing stuff until later.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

solution #2

at joann's the other day, they had a 50% off sale on storage PLUS i had an additional 20% off coupon sent to me so i snapped up this bigger shoebox.  now all my jo morton fabrics are together in one space.  not sure if i will keep them apart from the other civil war fabrics but for now they are.  that left 2 reg shoeboxes free for the repros overflow **** and today?  .... the 18th of april in '75, hardly a man is now alive, listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride of paul revere!  and PS...happy birthday conan o'brien!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

just takes 2 more

at this point i am revoltingly behind on this project but vowing to get caught up very soon....i hope!  in fact, i have to hop on over to the site today as more blocks may have been posted this past week.  and should you think so, of course my working part time has cut into my sewing time a bit, but not significantly.  with 3 whole days off every week, i do have blocks of time to spend with the old viking AND phoebe, and evenings i do have handwork when listening to TV or videos.  no doubt it's just because i have soooo many projects in the works; no surprise there eh quilters?  **** yesterday was my first real challenging day at work.  i made a booboo and it really affected the rest of my day.  i am hoping today is a start over and all is still well.  i am really enjoying the job; the paycheck is nice as well.  all in all, i don't think i'm doing THAT bad, especially considering i was away from a work environment for nearly 18 months; it's an adjustment and would be for anyone. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

finish #2

this itty bitty quilt is also done.  it's a lori smith pattern from her book "fat quarter quilts."  i've used this terrific book quite a bit for patterns and inspiration. it's chock full of little quilts, blocks and ideas.  these are colors i hardly ever use, but i saw them together in a shop a while back and picked up a few FQs for a future project.  they were perfect for this.  it measures 16 x 20 so you know those HSTs are really tiny...for me anyway.  i hardly ever do projects requiring units under 1"...short, chubby fingers you know!  **** it's early yet but the temp is already over 50 degrees, with a high of over 80 expected today, despite that no sun will be out....a good beach day even so.  our wacky weather continues.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

tale of 2 woodstocks

 this woodstock was created by DD in grade school...see i was right, budding georgia o'keefe!  it was at christmas time and i hung it up right away and did every year for so many years.  i always loved it; it has been on my bulletin board for some time now...note the fading.  i decided to make it in fabric to keep always (see below).  i quilted a tree for the branch too!  it seems like only last week she brought it home....wasn't it?  so that's finish #1 from last week.