Saturday, March 5, 2011


this top is finally basted down! i think it's stunning....actually there is a little corner left, 2 leaf groupings that still have pins, but it's almost done! done enough to oooh and aaah over anyway. besides pinning it down in the first place, this was the most time consuming so far. next comes the needleturn applique, another time consuming portion but i don't care, it'll be an heirloom when it's done. i really love it....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

one to go

here is the first side border on the boston commons. that leaves one long side left, but first must cut the 200+ squares for it. i am totally delighted as i think it's a gorgeous scrappy quilt. i'm spending odd moments strip piecing thinking of how i will quilt the scrappy parts. i already have a stencil for the white border, but not sure about the other places yet. with all those seams, it will probably be an all-over design of some type. and binding color? could be anything but might just stick with white.....the quilt will "speak" to me when the time comes i'm sure. i don't consider this an "heirloom" quilt but it's one i will definitely keep for all the memories in those little patches. ***** i'm using my "inchie" project for leaders/enders and i've nearly enough strips to make a square. these are 1.5" squares sewn in strips to become squares of postage stamps or pieces that finish at 1" square. if i can't get a 1.5" square out of a scrap, it gets tossed. that is my limit, even at $10 per yard which isn't my stash at all. that is the going price now at quilt shops and makes me more diligent in shopping my own stash.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

view from here

yes, that's the old viking and more strips of those pesky squares! i totally underestimated the amount of time it would take to finish off the borders of this quilt. the sewing time is minuscule compared to cutting up the squares. course, i took a detour and organized my strip bin too. good thing i have nearly endless time available. the two weeks i was sidelined with bronchitis and a sinus infection was also a hindrance and would you believe, my sinuses are still not clear? pretty much at 100% baseline now, though. ***** don't know about you but i am pretty sick of seeing bad behavior on the news of so-called stars. these privileged people don't deserve all this airtime. they are to be pitied for sure. ****** i can cautiously say spring is definitely near. despite a couple of days of frigid temps, after that they modulate quite a bit for a long stretch; 40s in the daytime is very good.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Vote Tomorrow!

Check the left side of my blog for the button SewCalGal. Starting tomorrow, March 1, you can go to her website and vote for your favorite quilter. There are a number of categories and you can nominate the influential quilters in your life. You have until March 15th (beware!) to vote. ***** would you believe i still have 220 squares to cut for my boston commons borders? i've one side border just about done but it used up nearly all the squares i had cut previously. i'm closing in on finishing this flimsy....sort of.