Saturday, October 9, 2010

inch by inch

life's a cinch, or so they say. still working primarily one-handed, but have tapered off most of the pain/muscle spasm meds. they wreak absolute havoc with my digestive system, it's a toss up which is worse. best sleep in nearly 2 weeks last night. cannot yet sew or consider work, but that day should come eventually. heating pad is still my BFF, that and hot showers. reading all the quilty blogs drooling, wishing i could also sew. i did iron some strips today, right-handed, but rotary cutter and hand sewing out of the question for now. i also finally finished last sunday's paper just in time for another, but it made my arm ache holding up both sides of the newsprint. in spite of continued limitations, it is better than last week; will be overjoyed once pain free altogether.

Friday, October 8, 2010


arm improves every day. anthem/wellpoint thinks they have disabled me for good but they are wrong, per usual for that pack of liars. they kick people when they are down, repeatedly, but i'm not finished yet by any means. just another maine boss that has screwed me. not sure why i am the proverbial outcast. i still miss my medical secretary job and haven't given up on it yet.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


finally been sprung from health insurance hell. wc denied which is no surprise, so working out future plans. shoulder/arm/wrist still painful so cannot work anywhere right now. such is life in maine, sucks bigtime. not sure when will be able to sew, tv is horrid in daytime. hoping god will get the revenge on these vile people. posted photos of fabric from lancaster, know it will keep until i am 2-handed again.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

one handed

thanks to my employer, i'm out on wc for rep strain issues. tell me, what is not to understand about a chair with no arms? my mgr and the ergo queen didn't understand and so now i'm officially out of work and the rest of my vacation--most of it--ruined by these two idiots. so, short posts as i'm one handed