Saturday, September 3, 2016

all things aurifil

trekked to columbia, maryland, last night to spring water designs, a cute little quilt shop, to see alex veronelli talk about aurifil thread. 

even though i have been a sewist for nearly 60 years, had very little clue about how thread was manufactured.  and even though aurifil is thought to be a pricey item, now i think perhaps it is under door prize unfortunately, but a nice little goodie bag with 6 spools of white--one in each thread weight.  he said they will be coming out with an 80 wt next, that is superfine! sitting next to me was an editor for 'machine quilter' magazine and she gifted me a free thing he said was that in the recent past he has had difficulty finding workers as they consider the work too boring, and from his video that is apparent.  most tasks are repetitive and performed standing or walking.  have seen facebook posts of other presentations, and he said he travels to the US every month for a week or so.  the presentation certainly raised my consciousness about such a mundane item!   **** and friday was pantry stocking day, so no sewing at all....and the immediate future holds serious veg cooking after receiving this bounty...

just add eggplant, onion and tomatoes and it's ratatouille!  a couple of summer squash casseroles and also ina garten's delish roasted veg and orzo good is that!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

365 rolls on...

with august closing today, heading into home stretch with this project and yes, once again behind about 11 blocks.  few other deadline projects are the cause; plenty of time to catch up once more.

am thinking netflix is my lucky charm with this project.   it seems whenever engrossed in watching, my blocks tend to come out darn near perfect.   even though i often groan when looking at the patterns, once they are done have a great feeling of satisfaction.  while the hawaiian improved my applique skills, this is doing wonders for my machine piecing abilities...proving once again the road to perfection is (almost) always practice i guess.   come to think of it, that's how my typing speed (eons ago) got to 90 and beyond as well.   ***   up early this AM to open windows and breathe in cool, fresh air meaning 63....yowza!   i am loving it!    and this weekend the daytime temps are predicted at 80 and good is that!!!   standing in line at the farmer's market is definitely going to be more enjoyable.  oh, i do love autumn.....visions of pumpkins and cider and foliage are dancing in my head.....bring 'em on!

Monday, August 29, 2016


by mid-afternoon sunday, had racked up a few more finishes, all completely from stash. first, 2 lap robes for guild donation made from some scrappy blocks on hand and backed with soft, warm flannel, using up 3 yards each...not bad...

and these got finished as well; these, plus the pink virginia reel busted a total of 1.25 yards.

so total 7.25 yards busted, a decent amount...however, this arrived in the mail along with 2 yards of solid black, which is needed for a future project, giving me a net used of 1/4 yard total.   it's jo morton's new line with a total of 40 bolts as cyndi says.   the budget will not stretch far enough to get some of each, but the charm pack will help me narrow it down.   the question is how?  and hop on over to "oh scrap" to see some exciting news about an orphan adoption opportunity!